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Supplemental Instruction at ENMU

ENMU’s Supplemental Instruction program helps students succeed by providing regularly scheduled out-of-class study sessions for difficult courses.

Supplemental instruction targets difficult courses instead of identifying individual students. SI sessions are open to all students, regardless of the level of understanding.

Students who have a good understanding of the material are encouraged to come to SI sessions and help their classmates learn the information.

SI sessions are facilitated by a trained Supplemental Instruction Leader, and are designed so that students can interact and learn from each other.

Students who do attend SI Sessions have historically received a 15% higher grade than students who do not attend.

What SI does for students:

  • Identifies historically difficult classes and provide group learning sessions with a trained leader
  • Works with students in a group
  • SI sessions are conducted by an SI Leader who is also present in class with the students
  • SI Leaders set specific sessions times that anyone in the course can attend
  • SI Leaders are trained in study skills and understanding differences in learning styles
  • SI Leaders are appointed by the Professor based on academic performance
  • Provides on-going assistance to the student throughout the semester
  • Focuses on content, learning/study strategies, and internalization of course content
  • Promotes student interaction and mutual support


  • Help students improve their academic performance
  • Keep students in college, improving retention rates

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