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Name Change


Q. I got married over the summer and my name changed. How do I change my name on ENMU records?

A. You may change your name or address using the Banner Self Service demographic function. You may also contact the registrars office.

When you contact the registrars office, you must have a copy of your new Social Security card with your married name and a picture ID, preferably a current driver's license with your new name.




Q. What is a prerequisite?

A. To take a course that has a prerequisite (required course or score), you must have completed the required course, tested out of the prerequisite or scored high enough on the SAT or ACT to meet the prerequisite requirement.

If you haven't met the requirement, you will be dropped from a class once a prerequisite check is run even if you were able to register for the class initially.


Q. How do I know if I have taken the prerequisite?

A. The simplest way is that when you try to register for a class you will be told you do not have the prerequisite. Until spring 2009 this may happen frequently.

To override a prerequisite hold, you need an Add/Drop form signed by the faculty member teaching the class.

You can also check the catalog before registering to see whether or not you have the prerequisites needed.


Q. I transferred to ENMU. How do I know if I have the prerequisite for a class?

A. Although courses transfer to ENMU, they do not automatically transfer as course equivalents. This means that some courses will have to be evaluated to determine if they are equivalent to the prerequisite courses. Once you have received an equivalency for the course or permission from the department offering the course with a prerequisite, the hold can be lifted in the Registrar's Office and you may register for the next higher course.


Adding/Dropping a Class


Q. What if I want to drop a class?

A. ENMU has strict deadlines for adding and dropping classes. If you miss the deadline, you will need to fill out an Late Add/Drop form. For undergraduates, that form must be signed by the instructor, advisor, dean of the college and vice president for Academic Affairs. Graduate students must have the dean of the Graduate School's signature on the form. Then you may fax, mail or return the form in person to the Registrar's Office.

Dropping a class after the add/drop deadline will result in a withdrawal from the class (WD) on your transcript. Withdrawing from a class will not affect your GPA, but it does affect your completion ratio (percentage of hours attempted to completed). Withdrawals can affect your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships.


Q. How do I register for second eight weeks courses?

A. You will be able to register online for the second eight weeks courses until the registration deadline.

If you miss the deadline, you will need to submit a Late Add/Drop form. Undergraduates must have the form signed by the instructor, advisor, dean of the college and vice president for Academic Affairs. Graduate students must have the dean of the Graduate School sign the form. You may fax, mail or bring the form in person to the Registrar's Office.


Other Topics


Q. What is a degree plan and how do I get one?

A. A degree plan spells out the specific course requirements to earn a degree.

Contact the Advising Center for information on filing a degree plan. The Advising Center is in the Student Academic Services Building, Room 214. Phone numbers are 562-2338 or 888-366-8238 (toll free).

You will meet with your advisor to prepare a degree plan.

Please read page 22 of the current catalog for your responsibilities involving degree plans.


Q. What is my catalog of record?

A. You may use the catalog in effect the year you enter ENMU as a student. See page 22 in the ENMU catalog for specific details.

The catalog is your guide to academic regulations and curricula at ENMU.

You are responsible for complying with all regulations of the University as outlined in the catalog.

Remember that any new academic standards and regulations introduced in subsequent catalogs will apply to all students.


Q. I have student loans. How do I defer (postpone) my loan payments while I am a student?

A. Most lending institutions have their own enrollment verification forms on their home pages on the Web. Download the form and fax, mail, or bring it in person to the Registrar's Office. Bring a current mailing address for private loans. Include the fax number if you are requesting that we fax to your loan company.

You may download a deferment form if your lender does not have its own form. Fax, mail or bring the form to the Registrar's Office.


Q. I was told I need to bring proof that I am a resident. Do I take that to the Registrar's Office?

A. Residency issues are handled in the Office of Enrollment Services, formerly known as Admissions.

Q. I ordered a transcript, but my degree wasn't posted on it. What happened?

A. On the transcript order form, be sure to check all the items you need, including "Please hold for currently enrolled grades," "Please send immediately" and "Please hold for degree."

Failure to check the right boxes will result in transcripts that do not match your needs.

Please sign and date the form. Unsigned forms will cause delays in getting your information out.


Q. How long does it take to get my degree posted to my transcript?

A. We generally try to have all degrees posted within four weeks of graduation, but the time frame will depend on the complexity of finishing the degree requirements.

People who request transcripts marked "Please hold for degree" are processed first as this appears to be a priority.


Q. I attended ENMU 10 years ago and my grades were poor. I'd like to come back to ENMU. Is there any way to start fresh?

A. ENMU offers an academic clemency policy to allow qualified students to redeem their academic records.


Q. What if I register to graduate and I don't finish that semester?

A. If you do not complete requirements within that semester, simply fill out a new Application for Graduation for the semester when you will graduate.

You will have to to re-apply and pay the graduation fee a second time.


Q. What would put me on probation or suspension?

A. Check the table in the current catalog on page 27 for reasons you might be put on probation or suspension.

You may petition for a waiver of the mandated suspension period based on extenuating circumstances.

Probation and suspension are serious and could result in disenrollment from ENMU.


Q. I want to register for classes, but did not attend last semester. Why won't Banner let me register?

A. Students may not miss a semester without having to be readmitted.

If you missed a regular semester, fall or spring, you will have to go to Enrollment Services to be readmitted before you can register.


Q. I have a hold on my account. Where do I look to find out what the hold is?

A. In Banner Self Serve under Add/Drop Classes, you will be informed that you may not register because you have holds.

Click on View Holds to find out the type of holds

Contact the appropriate offices to have those holds removed.


Q. How can I take more classes than the allowed limit?

A. Overloads to the 18-hour limit for fall and spring and 10-hour limit in the summer must be approved by your advisor and the dean of your college.

Use the Add/Drop form.You may fax, mail or bring it to the Office of the Registrar.


Q. I made a bad grade and took the class again. Does the grade automatically change? Will the first grade be taken off my transcript?

A. A course may be repeated once to replace the initial grade earned. Any student who wishes to take advantage of this policy must file an official First Repeat Course Form before completing the bachelor's degree. You may fax, mail or bring the form in person to the Office of the Registrar.

For details, see the "Repeat of Course" section on page 26 of the current catalog.

If a course was taken or repeated at another institution, it must be approved by the dean of the school for that course before the Office of the Registrar can process the repeat request.


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