Setting Up Your Live ENMU Email Account

For further details and information, read the FAQ section.

Step 1:

From the ENMU homepage, click on "Current Students".

Tip: alternatively, you can enter on your browser.


Step 2:

Under "Online Services" click "Check My E-Mail".

Step 3:

Sign in with your user ID and password.

Your user ID is your email address or the email address provided to you by the university.

Your password is initially set to your ENMU ID card number. You will be required to change it when you first log on.

Step 4 (initial set-up only):

You will be asked to provide display language and default time zone.

You will also have the option to set your email page to use with a screen reader or high contrast settings for easy reading.

Click "OK" to continue.


You should be able to see your inbox on the next screen.


For more information, read the FAQ section.


Learn how to set up your LIVE email account for your mobile phone:


Additional Tips: