Instructions for Accessing ENMU Policy on the Intranet

All University policies are contained on the governance page of the ENMU intranet. Employees can access this policy from any computer on or off campus. Access to online policy requires a valid ENMU network account. If you do not currently have a network account, contact your supervisor or the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department for instructions on obtaining a network account. The ITS department can be reached at 575.562.4352. ENMU strives to ensure that all employees have access to current University policies. All employees are eligible to receive a network account regardless of their position with the University. If you are denied a network account, contact the Office of Human Resources at 575.562.2116.

The governance page of the ENMU intranet contains the most recent University policies approved by the Board of Regents. Policies contained on the governance page supersede all policies contained in any version of the ENMU employee handbook or on any other University document.


Step 1: Access the ENMU Homepage

To access the governance page of the ENMU intranet type into the address bar of your Internet browser and hit the enter key. This will take you to the ENMU home page.

The ENMU homepage



Step 2: Access the ENMU intranet

Locate the "Faculty and Staff" link that is identified below and click on it.

Click on the InsideENMU link in the Faculty and Staff dropbox

When the new page loads you will see the Faculty and Staff page shown below. Click the “InsideENMU” link from the list, as pictured below. This will take you to the main page of the ENMU intranet.


Step 3: Access the ENMU Governance Page

On the main page of the ENMU intranet, select the "Governance" link under the "Administration" heading on the left side of the page. This may produce a pop up message indicating that you must login to view the governance page. Instructions on logging in are shown in step four. If a pop-up message does not appear, proceed to step five.

Click on Governance



Step 4: Log in to the ENMU Intranet

If a pop-up message prompts you to log in to the governance page, click the "OK" button to procede to the login screen.

When you are there, login with your network username and password. If you are on a University computer, this will be the same username and password that you originally used to log in to the computer. If you are on a shared computer, ensure that the second option "Do not remember my account" is chosen. Click the login button. This will take you to the Administration main page.

Click OK

Login with your network user name and password



Step 5: Access the ENMU Online Policy Manual

On the Administration main page choose the "Policy Manual" link as shown below. This will take you to the policy manual main page.

Click on, Policy Manual


The policy manual main page includes links to all ENMU policies. To view personnel policies scroll to
policy number forty as shown below.


ENMU Policy Manual Page



Step 6: Access the Personnel Policies of the ENMU Policy Manual

After scrolling, you will be able to see the "Personnel" link. Click this link to be taken to the personnel policy main page.

Scroll down to 40 and click on Personnel



Step 7: Access Leave Policies (included as an example)

The personnel policy main page includes links to all personnel policies. The following example shows the link to the leave policy. The dates in the columns on the right show when the policies were approved by the University Policy Council and the Board of Regents. The following illustrations show the information that is accessed by clicking the "Leave" link.


The leave policy is divided into thirteen sections. Sections one through eight are linked to first (where
the cursor is pointing), the links for sections 9-11 are linked below. After the link is an explanation of the
leave types included in each section. Click the link for sections 1-8 to view the leave page for those



The following are leave policy sections 1-8. You can view all sections by scrolling down, or by choosing
one of the green shortcut links at the top of the page.