Apartment Services

Air Conditioning

Harding apartments have central air conditioning. All West Campus apartments are equipped with individual evaporative coolers.

Cable TV

Basic cable service, available in each apartment, is included in your rent. Contact your manager if you have cable reception problems. Premium channel services may be obtained through the cable provider.

Garbage Collection

Garbage facilities are furnished by the University, and collection is included in your rent. Garbage is collected on a weekly basis. It is your responsibility to:

  • Keep garbage areas neat and sanitary.
  • Place all garbage inside the dumpsters provided and keep dumpster doors closed.
  • Reduce all packing crates, wood, cardboard, and other large articles to a size no larger than three feet, and place them in the garbage container.


Harding apartments are centrally heated. All West Campus apartments have econ-electric baseboard heating. All furniture needs to be kept a minimum of six inches from heating units to be in compliance with fire safety code.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are furnished in each apartment complex. It is the responsibility of the residents to keep all laundry areas clean. Trash receptacles are provided in each for dryer lint and used softener sheets.

Mail Service

West Campus and Harding tenants receive their mail at the campus Post Office.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs of all apartments is performed by the University. Requests for maintenance should be made to your apartment manager either in person or by phone.

Repairs due to neglect or to the failure of the tenant to follow directions will be charged to the tenant. Any damage to the apartment or grounds (such as broken windows or torn screens) will be repaired by the University and charged to the tenant through the Housing and Residence Life Office. Tenants must keep personal items such as toys and barbecue grills off of grassy areas so that Physical Plant can keep those areas mowed.


Tenant parking areas are located near Harding apartments. Your car should be clearly marked with a University parking sticker, available from ENMU Police Department.

Each West Campus apartment has an assigned parking space. If you have a second vehicle, you must park it on the right hand side of the street with the flow of traffic.

West Campus residents are asked not to change their oil on the grass or in the parking areas, and not to drive on the grass for any reason. There is a hydrant and hose at the manager's apartment for your use in washing your car. You are welcome to use this area to wash your vehicle.

Playground Area

The supervision of children using the playground areas is the responsibility of the parent(s).

Porch Lights

Porch lights are furnished by the University for your safety and convenience. If your light burns out, call your apartment manager for a replacement.


A storage area is provided for each apartment at West Campus.


Each apartment is provided with local telephone service included in your rent. To reach numbers within your apartment complex or elsewhere on campus, dial the last four digits. For local calls (which are free), dial a "6" before dialing all seven digits. The cost for the telephone service and maintenance is included in the cost of the apartment. The University does not provide telephones; students must bring their own. Any standard desk phone or cordless phone will work with the university student telephone system. Long distance calls may be made with prepaid phone cards, telephone credit cards or cellular phone service.


All utilities are included in your rent.