We have apartments for students who are married, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students or nontraditional students. The apartments are furnished with beds, a sofa, chairs, a refrigerator, a stove and a dinette set. All apartments are air-conditioned and have coin-operated laundry facilities.

Monthly Rates

  • West Campus one-bedroom: $458
  • West Campus one-bedroom renovated: $513
  • West Campus two-bedroom: $521
  • West Campus two-bedroom renovated: $584

Apartment monthly rates include all utilities, basic cable and local telephone service.


The $150 security deposit you pay holds your apartment until you have officially checked out. It may not be applied as partial payment of rent. You will forfeit your deposit if:

  • You check out of your apartment before the end of the contract period;
  • You do not vacate the apartment by the time noted in the contract;
  • You fail to check out properly; or
  • The apartment needs cleaning or repairs


Rent Payment

Rent is charged from the first day of official check-in to the last day of each month. Be sure to check the date and rental charge on the lease when you check in.

Rent is payable between the first and tenth of each month at the cashier's window in the Administration Building. Failure to pay rent constitutes breach of rental contract, and you will be subject to eviction.


Rental Agreement

All tenants of University-owned apartments are required to sign a University Apartment Housing rental agreement through the Housing and Residence Life office. Assignment to University housing does not include the right to use the housing for any business or professional purpose, for storage of commodities for sale, or for any purpose other than a personal residence. Eligibility to rent and occupy University housing is limited to students of Eastern New Mexico University.

All rental leases are terminated when either you or the University terminate your status as a full-time student.

Apartments will not be rented for multiple family use.


Apartment Manager

Student apartment managers live in each University apartment complex. These professionally trained Housing and Residence Life staff members are available to assist you during your stay at Eastern. Managers conduct check-ins and checkouts, submit any necessary maintenance requests, enforce housing department regulations and plan occasional community activities. Managers serve as liaisons with the Housing and Residence Life office and should be the first person you contact with questions or concerns.


Checking-In Procedures

  • Check in with your apartment manager. The apartment will already have an inventory completed. The manager will give you keys and have you sign the rental contract.
  • You will be given one copy of the completed University Apartment Rental Contract which lists your apartment number, rental charges and official check-in date.

What to Bring

Each apartment is furnished with:

  • Beds
  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric kitchen stove
  • Coin-operated laundry
  • Dinette set

Residents at West Campus will need to supply their own curtains. The following dimensions will help you find curtains to fit the windows. Living room and bedroom windows have traverse rods; kitchen windows have café rods.

West Campus apartment window sizes:

  • Bedrooms: 98" wide by 40" high
  • Living room: 66" wide by 56" high
  • Kitchen: 26" wide by 40" high
  • Back door: 24" wide by 36" high (bottom floor apartments only)

A limited number of unfurnished apartments are available.


Checkout Procedures

  1. Move out all of your belongings and thoroughly clean your apartment.
  2. Contact your apartment manager and return your keys.
  3. Your apartment manager will complete your checkout using the inventory you signed when you moved in.
  4. Your apartment manager will give you a copy of the checkout form outlining any charges that may be assessed. University transcripts will not be released if your account has not been cleared in the Business Office.
  5. If you are receiving a housing deposit refund, allow three to five weeks for it to be processed. The checkout procedure must be completed appropriately to be eligible for a refund. All deposit refunds are made by mail.

If you plan to return another semester and live in an apartment, fill out an application and leave it at the Housing and Residence Life office. Leaving your deposit will not hold an apartment for you; a new application must be completed, and you will be placed on a waiting list.


Housing Transfers

If you decide to transfer to a different apartment after your initial move in, you will be charged a $25 transfer fee for each move. Transfers will not be granted unless you have a zero balance.


Termination of Occupancy by the University

Eastern New Mexico University reserves the right to terminate occupancy (by giving advanced written notice) for the following reasons:

  • You are not a student of Eastern New Mexico University.
  • You fail to pay rent as prescribed.
  • You are unable to get along with other tenants or are guilty of creating repeat disturbances.
  • You fail to abide by the rules and regulations in the rental contract, University Handbook, or the Apartment Living booklet.
  • You or the persons listed on the apartment application do not reside in the apartment full-time or additional persons not listed are residing in the apartment. (Any changes in the occupants living in the apartment from those listed on the original application must be reported to the Housing and Residence Life office.)