Wellness Counseling

Angie Spears, our full-time Wellness Counselor, is here to help you with all your wellness-related needs. Wellness is about looking at the person as a whole, sometimes including physical health as well as emotional well-being. That's why we partner with Health Services to provide the most comprehensive care possible to our students.

Wellness Workshops

Presentations on a variety of wellness topics are available. If faculty, staff, or students would like to request a presentation on a topic, fill out a request form.

Wellness Wednesdays

One Wednesday each month, we share wellness information with students on topics such as safe drinking, benefits of exercise, sleep strategies, mood and nutrition, and more. Watch for healthier menu selections at the Campus Crossroads dining facility. Free raffle entry for all who stop by our table in the CUB Lobby during lunchtime on Wellness Wednesday!

Submit a Wellness Question to The Chase

Do you have wellness-related questions? Any topic, including physical wellness, emotional issues, relationship problems, drug or alcohol problems, and more can be addressed. Use the form to submit an anonymous question to be answered by Angie and published in the next issue of The Chase. No identifying information will be published. You do not have to supply a name to enter a question. Click to submit your question.

Wellness Resources

Check out these websites for more information on how to boost your wellbeing!

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