Receptionist - Information Technology Services

Job Type: Work Study or Student Hire
Department: Information Technology Services
Date Posted: 05/30/2013

Summary: The receptionist area is seeking an individual who can work M-F between the hours of 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (closed from 12-1).

If interested, please complete the student job application found at or pick up an application from the bulletin board outside the UCC 107 lab and return the completed application to UCC 113.

Qualifications: Must posses the ability to write and speak using proper English as well as being able to follow written and oral instructions. Must be able to present a professional, pleasant and cooperative attitude in coordinating communication between faculty, staff, students and the department's staff; should be familiar with the basic theory and operation of Microsoft computer software such as Word, Excel and Access.

Duties: Duties include but will not be limited to answering telephones, sorting mail, opening & closing the office, maintaining appointment calendars, sending & receiving faxes, copying & typing as requested, handling orders both incoming and outgoing, filing, travel arrangements, projects and other duties as assigned. Primary direction will be given from the Manager, Client Services and secondary from the Director/CIO. This is a position that does not allow cell phones, texting or checking/adding to MySpace/Facebook while working.

For more information, contact:
Mary Carvey, Senior Secretary

Eastern New Mexico University