Student Employment

All student positions on campus are classified as either work-study or student hire. On this page you'll find work-study, student hire, internship opportunities and off-campus job postings for students.

The work-study program is administered by the Office of Financial Aid to provide funding for student employment on campus and non-profit agencies in the community. Complete the following steps to determine if you are eligible to apply for work-study positions.

  1. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the results sent to ENMU.
  2. Register for classes
  3. Check your Financial Aid Status to determine if you have received work-study funds.
    Note: If you decline work-study on the FAFSA or your Estimated Aid Notification (EAN), you are not eligible for either work-study or student hire.
  4. If you have received work-study funds, you may search the available work-study positions and apply to any positions for which you are qualified.

If you are not eligible for work-study funds, you may apply for student hire positions, off campus positions or internships. (You may also register with the Office of Financial Aid at the beginning of each semester to receive work-study funds if they become available.)

Available positions are posted below. Each job announcement will list the contact person if you would like to apply for the position. The job postings on this Website are listed for your convenience. They do not represent an endorsement by the University, and do not imply research into the content of the postings. Please use discretion when responding to the postings and research any position before you apply.

Date Job Title Job Type
02/11/2016Office Assistant - Broadcast Center Work Study
02/03/2016Youth Sports Coordinator Soccer - City of PortalesOff Campus
12/21/2015Athletics Operations Intern- Lamar University Athletics DepartmentInternship
12/15/2015Financial Management Scholar Student Intern - Division of Risk Management SupervisionInternship
12/07/2015Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern - New Mexico Wildlife CenterInternship
12/07/2015Internship Program - Gerdau Long Steel North America Internship
11/30/2015Member Relations Internship - Land O'LakesInternship
11/30/2015Security Officer - University PoliceWork Study
11/09/2015Transit Driver - City of PortalesOff Campus
11/02/2015BehavioralTechnician I - ENMRSHOff Campus
01/05/2016Day Habilitation Trainer - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus
01/05/2016Community Living Support Staff - ENMRSHOff Campus