Integrated Behavioral Health Specialist - Mental Health Centers of Denver

Location: Denver, CO

Salary: $20.94-25.11 per hour

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Provide behavioral health consultation, brief assessment, prevention and interventions to children, adolescents and their families within their medical home in order to improve psychosocial functioning.

Qualifications: LCSW or PhD in Clinical Psychology. Three to five years experience working with children, adolescents and families. Excellent knowledge of behavioral medicine and evidence based treatment for medical and mental health conditions. Experience collaborating with a Multidisciplinary team.

Duties: Evaluate crisis situations and apply appropriate interventions. Actively participate in meetings that support the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic(s) integrated health care model to provide comprehensive care for clients. Assist in the detection of "at risk" patients and development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deteriorations. Assist the primary care team in developing care management processes such as the use of guidelines, disease management techniques, case management, and patient education to improve self-management of chronic disease. Provide assessment, consultation, and brief intervention for psychological/psychiatric problems an/or disorders. Teach patients, families and staff care, prevention and treatment enhancement techniques. Attend Team Meetings Other duties as assigned.

To Apply: Apply online: For your convenience, you can complete the entire application process online by clicking the "apply now" link below. Fax your application and resume. Alternatively, you can apply by downloading the written application from the "Best Place to Work" page, completing the application, and faxing the completed application and your resume to the fax number 303-758-5793.


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