Health and Living Program Manager - Mental Health Centers of Denver

Status: Full-time position

Location: Denver, CO

Salary: Based on experience

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Health Living Program Manager Taking an innovative approach to mental health and well-being, the Mental Health Center of Denver is seeking a program manager who can develop, implement and provide oversight for health and wellness activities that will occur in two community-based sites. Our goal is to promote health and well-being of all community members with a particular emphasis on reaching underserved populations in creative and technology-supported ways (e.g. text reminders about healthy living tools). The activities to be developed and offered cover a broad range of options including exercise and movement classes, cooking and nutrition workshops, art and music opportunities as well as mini courses in budget management and financial literacy. The program manger will take a collaborative approach to program development and involve multiple stakeholders in the program development process. The program manager will also be responsible for infrastructure deve! lopment to ensure that all activities can be captured and documented in an efficient and user-friendly manner and ultimately presented in ways that demonstrate community impact and effectiveness. He/she will also work closely with the Mental Health Center of Denver's research and evaluation department to ensure that our targeted outcomes are being achieved. The program manager will oversee a healthy living team that will include at minimum a community outreach navigator, a health educator, a care manager, a nurse and a number of volunteers. The program manager will be part of the Child and Family Management Team and will have access to training, consulting and professional growth opportunities as a member of that team.

Qualifications: Master's Degree in psychology, social work or other human service degree. Coursework/certification in public health, health promotion, and/or prevention/early intervention programs a plus. Minimum 3 years in human service or health promotion field including partnership development with child and family-serving organizations.

Duties: Partner with stakeholders through regular communication and meeting attendance to identify needs, course offerings and implementation models. Coordinate and collaborate with colleagues within Child & Family Services. Develop infrastructure: Identify and assist the development of needed technology solutions to capture services delivered by health living team members and address workflow challenges. Be technology and social media savvy. Oversee the collection of all required outcome, evaluation and billing data. Collaborate with the Vi! ce President of Child & Family Services and the Director to monitor progress toward goals, identify barriers and problem-solve. Assist in the coordination and use of other Mental Health Center of Denver programs and external community resources. Lead and actively participate in weekly team supervision. Engage in individual supervision with staff. Maintain accurate and timely communications with colleagues and partners.

To Apply: Apply online: For your convenience, you can complete the entire application process online by clicking the "apply now" link below. Fax your application and resume: Alternatively, you can apply by downloading the written application from the "Best Place to Work" page, completing the application, and faxing the completed application and your resume to the fax number 303-758-5793.


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