Language Arts Teacher - Finley School District

Status: Full-time position

Location: Kennewick, WA

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Finley School District is seeking to fill the positon of a Language Arts/Art/Fine Arts Teacher at River View High School.

Qualifications: Minimum Bachelor’s degree with a valid Washington State teaching certificate. 4-12 Language Arts and Visual Arts endorsement required. Preference will be given to qualified candidates with a Fine Arts background.
Essential Job Requirements
Valid Washington State Teaching Certificate with appropriate endorsement(s).
Must be able to meet state endorsement criteria as well as federal highly qualified criteria.
4-12 Language Arts endorsement required.
Preference will be given to qualified candidates with a Fine Arts background.
Show evidence of ability to plan, conduct and evaluate an educational program for each assigned student.
Demonstrate ability to perform each assigned duty and responsibility consistent with State regulations, district policies and procedures and building practices as required by the building Principal.
Licenses, Certification, Bonding and/or Testing Required: District criminal justice fingerprint clearance.

Duties: Diagnose and prescribe an instructional and activity program that meets each student’s aptitude, interest, level of achievement, and instructional needs. This should include
Analyze specific task performance of each pupil.
Prescribe specific instruction for each pupil.
Program instruction is such that each child can meet realistic educational objectives.
Develop an instructional program that is consistent with the district’s goals and student outcome objectives.
Develop instructional objectives, which support student outcome objectives.
Continuously evaluate student progress toward accomplishing instructional objectives.
Confer with students on an individual basis regarding their educational progress, their behavioral and social development.
Conduct parent and/or parent-student conferences to interpret student’s educational, social-behavioral and physical development.
Assume responsibility to participate as a building team member in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the school program.
Other duties as assigned.

To Apply: Application for vacancies shall be in writing to:
224606 E. Game Farm Road
Kennewick, WA 99337
or by email:


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