Restaurant General Manager - Monte Alto, Inc.

Status: Full-time position

Location: Ruidoso, NM

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: The Restaurant General Manager is the leader in 2 restaurants; acts as the "Chief Customer Officer;" coaches and trains the team for operational excellence; recognizes and motivates members of the team; manages the P&L; where appropriate, brings new concepts to customers

Qualifications: Associate/Bachelors Certificate

Duties: Opening Shift:
Opens restaurant, arriving one hour and a half before opening restaurant. Turns on all lights, turns on ovens, fryers, by use of switches, visual gauges, and controls.
Checks out various machines and equipment to be used during the shift to make certain all are in working order, audible alarms on equipment such as ovens and fryers. Observes gauges for proper function of equipment.
Sets up cash drawer, counts money and places in register; open cash amount of $50 to start shift.
Closing Shift:
Coordinates and supervises cleaning and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
Uses computer to generate, collect and review daily and weekly business reports prepared by him/herself, shift and assistant managers for compliance with company standards.
Completes and posts daily/weekly staffing for shifts.
Takes inventory food/paper/supplies that will be needed for restaurant. Orders, if necessary. Reviews inventory sheets for additions or corrections.
Assists counter servers in greeting customers, taking orders, operating register, collecting payment, making change, assembling order and checking for completeness and correctness, and packing orders.
Check and assists as necessary in storing products from delivery trucks, stocking items/food items in the proper storage area, walking to and from truck to stock area with frequent reaching, bending, and stooping.
Ensures clean food preparation, dining area and exterior of restaurant, assisting in this effort whenever necessary.
Supervises food preparation and service operations. Assists servers and food production workers during rush periods to ensure maintenance of efficiency.
Observes employees for compliance with appearance, uniform and customer service standards.
Totals out cash registers and takes deposit to bank. Completes paperwork and inputs information into computer.

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