School Nurse Substitute - Phoenix School District

Status: Full-time position

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: The School Nurse is employed to give leadership and guidance in the development and maintenance of a total School Health Program. The School Nurse functions as the manager of health care services within the School Health Program. The School Nurse is the deliverer of health services; an advocate for the rights of children; counselor for health concerns of children, families, and staff; and educator for school/community health concerns. She/he provides health services as needed for students.

Qualifications: Registered Nurse certification required.
Bilingual proficiency is preferred.
Possession of a current license to practice as a professional Registered Nurse in Arizona.
Two years of successful clinical nursing practice as a Registered Nurse preferred.
State school nurse certification, to be achieved in first three years, preferred.
Knowledge of the following - the total School Health Program, specific school nursing responsibilities, factors influencing the learning process, public health principles, health education, and public relations.
Ability to - interpret and carry out the School Health Programs; cooperate and work effectively with students, parents, faculty, and community; show flexibility in adapting to varying cultural and racial groups; make sound judgments and decisions in a wide variety of situations under pressure.
Basic computer skills.

Duties: Complies with State Law and District policies and regulations.
Health Appraisal - Assesses and evaluates the health and developmental status of the students in order to make a nursing diagnosis and establish priority for action.• Communicable Disease Program - Responsible for implementing the prevention and control of communicable diseases in the school, for the protection of all pupils and school personnel, in compliance with the rules and regulations established by the local and Arizona State Health Department (ADHS).
Manages chronic health conditions at school- Including diabetes, asthma, spina bifida, cerebral palsy…
Performs special procedures to maintain optimum health of students with special health needs- glucose monitoring, giving insulin, medications, bladder catheterization, diapering, tube feeding, tracheostomy care, emotional support.
Environmental Health and Accident Prevention - Assists with plans to promote an environment conducive to health and safety. Completes accident/incident reports as needed. Inspects premises to ensure students are safe as needed.
Care of the Sick and Injured - Assumes the responsibility in caring for the sick and injured in the school in accordance with school policy and the accepted standards of practices for Nurses. Upon consultation with the Health and Wellness Coordinator, may need to intervene with Child Protective Services when deemed appropriate.
Documents all care given to students daily, submits same to Health and Wellness Coordinator at the end of the day to ensure timely electronic submission.
Performs such related duties - as determined necessary by the Health and Wellness Coordinator and School Administrator.

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