Drama Teacher - Phoenix School District

Status: Full-time position

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Herrera Elementary School for the Fine Arts and Dual Language is a K-8 school located in the Phoenix Elementary School District #1. At Herrera, we are committed to Fine Arts and serve as the District’s only Fine Arts Signature School. We pride ourselves on offering classes in music, dance, theatre, visual art, physical arts, and orchestra and band and have10 full-time Fine Arts instructors. Herrera’s facilities are unparalleled with a $7 million facility designed specifically for the Fine Arts programs at Herrera. An article in Phoenix Magazine mentioned the school with these words from a former drama teacher, “There’s a lot of talent here. We give all of our students, from a very early age, an opportunity to create.” In recent years, students at Herrera have received local, state and national accolades for their efforts in the Fine Arts. In 2013-14, the school will continue a partnership with Arts Integrated Solutions (AIS) in an effort to strengthen the connection between the general education classrooms and the Fine Arts.

Drama/Theatre– The ideal candidate will have prior experience instructing in the area of drama and theatre set design. The candidate will possess strong communication skills as he/she will be expected to collaborate with other members of the Fine Arts team, especially with the dance and vocal instructors. The candidate will possess experience in set design as upper grade students create all sets used in the various productions at Herrera.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts degree.
Valid K-8 Arizona Teaching Certificate.

Duties: Effectively utilizes district technologies appropriate to the position and assumes responsibility for attending district training needed to successfully perform designated responsibilities as directed by supervisor.
Maintains regular attendance.
Complies with State Law and District policies and regulations.
Maintains a safe environment for students, conducive to learning.
Teaches district-approved curriculum.
Instructs pupils in citizenship and basic subject matter specified by District policy.
Develops lesson plans and instructional material and provides individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.
Task analyzes and translates lessons into developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
Models lessons for students.
Uses effective Classroom Management techniques.
Establishes, shares, and maintains standards of pupil behavior to achieve an effective learning atmosphere.
Anticipates and effectively addresses unforeseen crises associated with working with large groups of children.
Evaluates pupils' academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records and prepares progress reports.
Identifies pupil needs and makes appropriate referrals and develops strategies for individual education plans.
Provides individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the student.

To Apply: Apply online at: www.phxschools.org


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