Psychologist - Phoenix School District

Status: Full-time position

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: The Psychologist is responsible for providing comprehensive educational, intellectual, emotional and adaptive behavior assessments and for writing comprehensive reports. Responsibilities also include conducting functional behavior assessments, developing behavioral intervention plans, providing classroom/teacher consultation, staff training, parent education, and participation on school and IEP teams. The Psychologist will be responsible to the Lead Psychologist & Compliance Coordinator.

Qualifications: Current Arizona Certification as School Psychologist (required)
Fingerprint card
Bilingual in Spanish preferred

Education and Experience:
M.A., Ed.S., M.S. Ed., Ph.D., Ed.D., or Psy.D. in Psychology (required)
Experience with preschool and school aged populations is preferred.

Duties: The Psychologist performs the following tasks:
Participates as a member of the IEP team, provides input into the review of existing data process and recommends intervention strategies and areas of assessment.
Selects appropriate instruments and administers intelligence tests, achievement tests, tests of perceptual and motor development, and instruments for personality assessment to individual students.
Conducts student observations in a variety of contexts to obtain relevant information on student behavior and response.
Writes reports which state the evaluation findings and provide for educational program recommendations.
Utilizes the District software records management system to record all special education records and reports.
Interprets individual test findings and recommendations to parents of students who are being considered for placement in special education programs.
Conducts functional behavior assessments and assists in the development of resulting behavioral intervention plans.
Consults with parents, teachers, and other appropriate staff regarding the student’s program and any adaptations/materials needed to facilitate improved performance in the classroom or at home.
Counsels with students who are referred for psychological aspects of their educational problems.
Counsels with parents concerning students’ learning potentials, achievement levels and personality adjustments, and recommends ways of helping the students or refers to community sources for further professional assistance.
Prepares a variety of special education documents, such as prior written notices, review of existing data, etc, as required.
Shares in responsibility of reviewing incoming students’ records.
Serves as the District representative at IEP meetings.
Maintains a listing of re-evaluations due for the current school year and coordinates with the school social worker to ensure meeting timelines.
Serves as a resource person to school staff concerning functions and responsibilities of community service.
Attends multidisciplinary conferences as required.
Maintains accurate and current student files.
Serves as a participant on the school’s Teacher Assistance Team, when needed.
Attends and participates in monthly department meetings.
Provides inservice training programs as requested by the principal and/or Director of Student Services.
Serves in a liaison capacity between the school and related agencies.
Keeps informed of new developments in educational psychology and legal requirements (State and Federal).
Adheres to the ethical standards and codes of the profession and to the established rules, regulations, and laws governing special education programs.
Participates in activities that promote professional development and use clinical/ educational research to enhance therapy services.
Effectively utilizes district technologies appropriate to the position and assumes responsibility for attending district training needed to successfully perform designated responsibilities as directed by supervisor.
Other duties as assigned.

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