Video Editor - KOB

Status: Full-time position

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: KOB is seeking to fill the position of a Video Editor in Albuquerque, NM.

Qualifications: One-year experience editing videotape for daily newscasts or related field. Must have proficient knowledge of Beta SX editing equipment. Final Cut Pro (V.7) and some AVID experience is helpful. Strong understanding of television news and production. Some prior shooting experience as a photographer helpful. Must be a motivated self-starter that is able to work at a fast pace and meet strict deadlines. Must be willing to work weekends, nights, extremely early morning hours, holidays and overtime when needed. Must be able to perform duties and maintain professionalism under extreme deadline pressure. Reasonable typing skills needed. We love people who love news!

Duties: Responsibilities will include, but not limited to: Video Editing Television news stories that meet a journalistic standard of accuracy, balance and ethics. Operating Beta videotape decks/digital NLE editing equipment and Mac/Windows computer software. Must be proficient with Final Cut Pro (V.7). Take/send feeds from field trucks, NBC, and other news organizations. Archive video daily. Must be able to manage time effectively to meet strict deadlines. Help clean and maintain edit booths and equipment including excellent computer file management. Strong communication skills with reporters/anchors/producers/fellow editors is crucial. Perform other reasonably related duties as assigned by supervisor.

To Apply: Send resumes to:
Human Resources Department
Job# 16-14
4 Broadcast Plaza SW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Fax: (505) 764-2522
No Telephone Calls Please


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