Clinical Case Manager I - Mental Health Centers of Denver

Status: Full-time position

Location: Denver, CO

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Provides comprehensive psychological services with include a continuum of high to low intensity services designed to improve or maintain consumer’s abilities to function in the community. Assesses, monitors, and follows up with consumer’s ability to meet basic needs in moving toward recovery. Responsible for all clinical documentation of consumer interaction.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in psychology, social work, or other related human services degree. Must have valid Colorado Drivers license and a positive driving record. Ability to transport consumers in vehicle.

Duties: Help consumers in meeting basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, personal safety, and general medical and dental care, and assist them with applications for income, medical, housing, or other benefits which they may need and to which they are entitled. Identify consumers for whom establishment of a protective payee-ship is necessary and arrange this assistance.
Ensure consumers access to needed services and community resources by arranging for transportation, or if necessary, by taking the consumers to the service in personal vehicle (business insurance on vehicle reimbursed by MHCD).
Provide comprehensive psychosocial services that include and continuum of high and low intensity services designed to improve or maintain consumers’ abilities to function in normal social roles. These will include, but be limited to, services which help consumers evaluate both their strengths and symptoms, and facilitate in consumers setting their own goals, and plan for appropriate services or guide and instruct consumers in daily living skills such as medication use, diet, exercise, personal hygiene, shopping, cooking, budgeting, housekeeping, use of transportation, and other community services;
Help consumers develop social skills, interests, and leisure time activities to provide a sense of participation and personal worth, including opportunities for age appropriate, culturally appropriate daytime and evening activities
Help consumers find and make use of appropriate employment opportunities, vocational rehabilitation services, or supported work environments where appropriate
Assist consumers who need special living arrangements in locating a rehabilitative or supportive housing arrangement. The choices should be broad enough to allow each consumer and opportunity to live in an atmosphere offering the degree of support necessary, while also providing incentives and encouragement for consumers to assume increasing responsibilities for their lives
Offer support, assistance, consultation, and education to families, friends, landlords, employers, community agencies, and others who come into contact with consumers, in order to maximize benefits and minimize problems associated with the presence of these persons in the community
Identify and work with potential natural support systems such as neighborhood networks, churches, and community organizations.
Make full utilization of the consumer’s support systems in order to induce program engagement.
Reach out to program eligible consumers, inform them of and educate them about available services at MHCD and in the community.
Other duties as assigned.

To Apply: For your convenience, you can complete the entire application process online by clicking the "apply now" link below.


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