Utilities Inspector - City of Odessa

Status: Full-time position

Location: Odessa, TX

Salary: $2236 monthly

Deadline Date: Until Filled

Date Available:

Job Summary: Performs inspection work to ensure commercial, industrial, and public compliance with the City of Odessa Sewage Quality Control Ordinance and monitors city wastewater collection system for quality control.

Qualifications: Special Requirements
Infrequent overtime work, night shift work or altered work schedules may be required for special monitoring or sampling events.

Minimum of a high school diploma or GED certification required. College chemistry courses desirable.

Six months experience in a job requiring extensive public contact, or any equivalent combination of training and experience. Experience in wastewater treatment and collection systems preferred.

Valid Texas Driver's License

Safety Requirement
Position required that City approved safety shoes be worn.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Thorough knowledge of pertinent provision of City Sewage Quality Control Ordinance, Pretreatment Program, and of any pertinent EPA and TCEQ regulations. Knowledge of general construction and function of pretreatment units. Knowledge of proper inspection and sampling techniques, as well as use of field instruments. Ability to read, interpret and enforce regulations. Ability to learn to recognize substandard conditions and violations. Ability to communicate effectively with the public, gain compliance with regulation, and prepare clear and concise reports. Ability to use and enter data into a computer. Ability to be self-motivated. Ability to lift fifty to sixty pounds and maneuver manhole covers.

Duties: Identifies, keeps records and prepares reports on all commercial, industrial, and public businesses which contribute potential or actual discharges of nondomestic waste.
Inspects commercial and industrial establishments for the purpose of observation, measurements, sampling and testing of nondomestic waste.
Provides liaison between supervisory personnel and those businesses which are currently discharging under provisions of the currently adopted Sewage Quality Control Ordinance and EPA-approved Pretreatment Program.
Investigates the origin of unlawful discharges which may find their way into the City’s wastewater collection system, and drainage easements and takes appropriate action.
Complete knowledge of and enforces the provisions of the EPA mandated Pretreatment Program.
Collects samples from the wastewater collection system as assigned.
May collect runoff samples periodically at designated locations for various analyses.
Transports samples and other materials as assigned.
Cares for and maintains assigned vehicle, equipment and instruments.
Stays abreast of various wastewater treatment technologies and the regulations which apply to wastewater discharges.
Enters inspection information into computer as assigned.
Reviews manifests from commercial, industrial, and public facilities to ensure compliance with local and state regulations governing liquid waste disposal.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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