Manager of Wastewater Operations - City of Odessa

Status: Full-time position

Location: Odessa,TX

Salary: $5500 monthly

Deadline Date: Until Filled

Date Available:

Job Summary: Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Utilities, supervises personnel and directs the day-to-day operations and maintenance activities of the Bob Derrington Water Reclamation Plant and off-site facilities to ensure the proper treatment and delivery of wastewater. Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Utilities/Treatment, oversees the activities of the Pretreatment and Liquid Waste Divisions.

Qualifications: Education: High school diploma or G.E.D. certification. College degree in chemistry, biology, environmental science, or related field strongly preferred.

Experience: Five (5) year’s experience in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant employing the activated sludge process with at least one (1) of those years in a supervisory capacity. Experience in a job with extensive public contact. Experience in inspection of commercial/industrial facilities strongly preferred. Experience in reading blueprints also preferred.

Certification: Possess valid Texas Driver License. Possess Class “A” wastewater license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or ability to obtain within time period negotiated at time of job offer as prescribed by departmental licensing policy.

Special Requirements: Available or 24-hour on call.

Duties: 1. Provides overall daily supervision of Derrington Plant personnel and direction to Chief Operator and Maintenance Technician Supervisor in the completion of operations and maintenance tasks to ensure the complete and efficient operation of the treatment plant processes.

2. Coordinates work schedules of Maintenance Supervisor with Water Treatment Plant Supervisor to ensure completion of Water Treatment Plant maintenance activities.

3. Plans and reviews operational and maintenance projects.

4. Produces and reviews various Plant reports and work orders to ensure their completion and accuracy of data prior to filing or submittal.

5. Ensures that adequate chemicals and supplies are maintained at all times. Purchases supplies and materials as necessary within budget constraints.

6. Monitors training needs of Plant personnel and schedules training within budgeted constraints.

7. Works within and ensures that supervised personnel work within City policies, guidelines, and procedures, including safety policies.

8. Coordinates work with other City departments and contractors when necessary.

9. Prepares annual budget for Plant for departmental review.

10. Conducts public tours. May be called upon to deal with media personnel.
11. Ensures that the Plant is operated so that all Plant, departmental, and regulatory policies and procedures are met.

12. Enforces Plant safety and other programs.

13. Maintains daily contact with Assistant Director of Utilities and periodically meets with Assistant Director and other departmental personnel.

14. Works with and in proximity to dangerous chemicals such as chlorine.

15. Supervises the identification, inspection, sampling, record-keeping, permit development, sampling, and report generation for all commercial, industrial, and public businesses which constitute potential or actual discharges of non-domestic wastes as required by the EPA and/or TNRCC mandated Pretreatment Program or those business which are subject to surcharge.

16. Supervises the enforcement of the Sewage quality Control Ordinance and Pretreatment Program Enforcement Response Plan. When necessary, recommends enforcement action to be taken against dischargers in violation of Ordinance provisions.

17. Supervises the identification, record keeping, permitting, and report generation of all commercial, industrial, and public businesses regulated by the City/County Liquid Waste Transportation Program. Enforces the conditions of the Liquid Waste Transportation Ordinance.

18. Develops, updates, and enforces the conditions of permits required by the Pretreatment Program and Liquid Waste Transportation Program.

19. Assists the Director of Utilities in reviewing and implementing the provisions of state and federal regulations governing the various activities of the Pretreatment Program and Liquid Waste Transportation Program.

20. Ensures vehicles and equipment related to the Pretreatment Program and Liquid Waste Transportation Program are properly maintained.

21. Responsible for delegating work activities to the Pretreatment and Liquid Waste Transportation inspectors to promote maximum efficiency and to ensure that all of the requirements of the programs are met.

22. Hires new inspection personnel. Responsible for training new Pretreatment or Liquid Waste Transportation inspectors. Reviews work performance of all inspection personnel and when necessary, determines the appropriate disciplinary action.

23. Develops and implements budget for the Pretreatment and Liquid Waste Transportation Divisions. Tracks the funds generated and expended by the Liquid Waste Transportation Program as required by the City/County contract and develops required reports.
24. Participates in the inspections and audits of the Pretreatment Program conducted by the EPA and/or TNRCC.

25. Testifies in court as required.

26. Performs other duties as assigned.

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