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    October Newsletter

Midterms will arrive this month and we are noticing an uptick in the level of stress among the students. ENMU staff and faculty are here to support your students with tutoring, extra study sessions, and encouragement. Please write down the number for our Tutoring Coordinator, Estella Banuelos, 575-562-2842, and share it with your students. October is also the month when you, as parents, can help your student with some advising.

At the 8 week juncture of the semester, ENMU offers students a unique opportunity to improve their grade point average and to get involved in additional instruction. This opportunity is called 8-week classes. These are full academic classes carrying full credit. The 8-week classes can be added without charge if your student currently is registered for 12 or more semester credit hours. Three ways 8-week courses can help students are:


      1) Dropping a 16 week class and adding a different 8-week class in its place
         Usually students who choose this option are not doing well in the 16-week class or are no longer interested in the topic. If the 16 week class is required, they now want to put off taking that class until a later semester.


      2) Adding an 8-week class to the existing registration without dropping a class
            Students may feel they have time and effort to spare and can get one more class finished.


      3) Dropping a 16 week class in which the student is doing poorly and adding back the same class from the 8-week list.
         This is often used by students to save their grade point average and keep their scholarships, including the Lottery Scholarship. They get a fresh start.


  1. All of the above scenarios are opportunities to help your student improve their grade point average, especially number three. Although the material is presented at a more intense pace, your student gets a fresh start and a second chance to succeed.

  2. Please talk frankly with your student about the grades that are currently listed in their classes, not the ones they think they might achieve. If those grades are currently at the level of “D” or “F”, your student should seriously consider 8-week classes.

  3. As parents, we know that low grades can jeopardize a scholarship, the Lottery Scholarship, and your student’s morale. The 8-week class solution, at no charge, is an opportunity that should not be missed. Completing their degree is essential to their future success. It would be a shame to lose a scholarship due to grades when an option like 8-week classes is available. They may need your guidance.

  4. They may also need to check the minimum number of credits they must carry for any scholarships they may have been given. Often the minimum changes from year to year. If they drop below the minimum hours, their scholarship may not be renewed. Advisors are available and are ready to talk to your student about their progress and the 8-week option. If your student is confused about what faculty member to see for advising or how to contact the Advising Center, call our Advising Center at 562-2338.

  5. Your role as a parent is vital to your student’s success. Thank you for reading this and for the interventions you do to help your student succeed every day. Please feel free to email me at or call at 575-562-2221.

Judith Haislett
Vice President for Student Affairs