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    February Newsletter




February is the first full month of classes in the Spring 2014 semester. The faculty were ready for your students in January and are well underway with instruction.


Your student may be noticing they are tired of the indoors and tired of routine. To counteract this malaise, ENMU sponsors many programs in February for your student to attend. They range from dances, concerts, comedians, to events that call for student participation. Please encourage them to get involved. On February 18th, ENMU sponsors it annual Etiquette Dinner. Ms. Jackie Ingle will join us and instruct your students in the proper etiquette to follow when dining out during a job interview. Local businessmen and other successful people will host each table to lead discussions about your student's unique strengths and opportunities as they approach the job market. The dinner is sponsored by Sodexo and is free to all who wish to attend. Tell your students to watch the ENMU announcements for more details.


As we move into March, you will notice a gradual shift from all indoor activities to some outdoor programs. The more outdoor activity we can offer, the healthier the overall campus will be. The Director of Health Services asks you to assist us in getting your student immunized against the flu. Unless they are allergic to the serum or have some other condition that prevents immunization, the flu vaccine is a good investment in student health. Both strains, including H1N1, are covered in the vaccine. Please help us get them protected. If they do become ill and you can take them home, that is advised. While we are not in the situation we found ourselves in with the pandemic H1N1 infection, we want to keep contagion to a minimum and offer your student the best place to rest and recover. That is usually your home.


February is a busy month at the legislature in Santa Fe. We have been and will continue to reassure you that your students' education will be protected at all costs. Nothing is final until the end of the session and the approval of the budget. Please know we are concerned and proactive on behalf of you and your students.
The last winter month is here. Even though spring does not officially begin until March 20, students consider the beginning of March as the end of the winter season. No matter how cold it is, there will be some students walking on campus in flip flops and t-shirts. Their hopeful and positive attitude is appreciated by all.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. We are here to help your student and be your partner in this endeavor.



Judith Haislett