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    August Newsletter



We are ready to meet your new students and greet the returning students. It is time to begin again.


For those of you who have new students, Dawg Days, is a three-day orientation program full of activities and discussions.Days 1 is focused on adjusting socially, while days 2 and 3 ready students for classes. The schedule starts with moving into the residence halls at 8:00 a.m. on 8/17 and goes through 8/19.Classes start on 8/20. Here is the link to the Dawg Days schedule on the web:


As parents, you may want to plan to be here for day 1, Saturday 8/17. First, your student may not be quite as brave as they are appearing to be, so having you on site may help them feel more comfortable.Secondly, they may need your help and advice to get business taken care of and all of our core offices will be open on Saturday, August 17th from 10:00 to 4:00 to help students.Financial Aid is a favorite, as are advising and enrollment services.All will be available.


On day 1 of Dawg Days, (Sat. 8/17), there is a special two part program for you, the parents, designed to answer some of the questions you may have.The first session focuses on what we do to help your student adjust during the first six weeks of classes and the second session addresses the topics we will cover in UNIV-101 to help your student adjust to the new more intense academic demands of the freshmen year.Day 1 ends with a community fair, a barbeque attended by students, parents, faculty, and administration, a pep rally, band, and fireworks.On Sunday we give students and families the morning for church and breakfast, then ask all students to attend  President Gamble's welcome at 1:00 p.m.Most students are ready for the parents to leave by Sunday. Usually parents have made a gentle exit at that point, but only if you and your student are comfortable.


We will send your student special driving instructions for move in day in the residence halls.We are asking everyone to enter at the intersection of I-70 and Ave K.Signs will be up and traffic monitors will be there to direct you to the residence halls. Call my office at 575.562.2221 if you have not received a map by August 13th.


We will be using Bernie Hall 5th floor for students who have made late room assignments.They should be moved into their permanent rooms within a week or two of the start of the fall semester.While old, Bernie Hall is staffed and ready for occupancy on floor 5.


As we will tell you at Dawg Days, your role as a parent may change a bit, but is never diminished.ENMU is your university too while your student attends, so be sure we are meeting your needs and answering your questions as the year progresses. Each month, a new Parents' Update will be posted. Hopefully, we are addressing issues that may face your students.


Both the number of students enrolled and the number of semester hours they are taking have increased over last year.The faculty and staff are excited about the growth and are awaiting the students.We will now have the privilege of providing even more young people with an excellent education.Please remember, Dawg Days is for you too.Call my office with questions and I will be sure to get you the information you need.It's almost time to open for 2012-2013. We are eager to meet your students and begin again!

Judith Haislett
Vice President for Student Affairs