Student Affairs
  • April/May Newsletter


    Dear Parents,

    We are in the month of April and the campus is operating at maximum levels in all categories. Academically, final projects, presentations and exams are looming. You may hear your students talk about preparing for an aggressive finals week May 6-11. The faculty is busy grading and evaluating students, challenging master’s degree student in their thesis defense meetings, and ordering books for next fall.
    In addition to academic activity, end of the year social celebrations are beginning. Among them we have the International Student Recognition ceremony, during which graduating seniors are given sashes that represent the colors of their home country. The sashes are worn at graduation, so look for them when you attend. We have a birthday party for Vic and Tory, our mascots, scheduled. The famous Mud Volleyball Tournament sponsored by the student government is being readied. Students will form volleyball teams, play in the mud pits, and raise money for scholarships. And these are just a few of the many events.
    In the last few weeks of the semester, students will notice an uptick in intensity in all areas of our campus environment. For this reason, our counselors are seeing more students, career planning specialists are helping with summer job placement and senior exit placement, faculty are more involved with individual students, and all staff and faculty are alert to student issues and concerns. Please give us a call if your student or their friends need our help.
    While we are wrapping up the spring ’13 semester, your students are registering for fall ’13. Lots of planning is taking place with advisors. Please encourage your student to register before they leave, as classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis. It is an illusion that faculty will “sign-in” students over the summer if the class they want for fall is full. We are anticipating a strong fall enrollment, so everything is filling up early. We want your students to have the first chance at a seat in the classes they want, so they should not wait until summer to register. Encourage them to do it in April when faculty and the advising center is here to help them. Financial Aid letters announcing the amount of awards from the various grant and loan programs will be mailed mid-April. If your student is registered, you will have a better idea of what costs are covered.
    The mid-May newsletter will find our spring semester at an end; however, the Parents Update page will continue¬†¬† through the summer. There will be budget information, financial aid information, and other news to talk about. While we look ahead to August, let’s not call this semester complete yet. Call us if we can help your student now or in planning for fall ’13.

    Judith Haislett