Political Science

Home Town
Albuquerque, NM

High School
Highland High

Sophomore, started at ENMU as a Freshman.

What activities, clubs, and organizations do you attend or belong to?
Justice league, ASAB member, Intramural Participate.

In your college search, what made ENMU stand out from your other college choices?
I like the small class sizes and I like how easy it is to talk to a professor with their open door policy.

What do you like most about ENMU?
I really like how diverse the students on campus are and how easy it is to find a student with similar interests.

What do you like most about your major?
I love how experienced and knowledgeable my professors are and how they are able to convey what they are trying to say to the students.

What do you like about campus life?
I like how there are events in the cub and in each of the dorms and how different these events are each semester.

How has ENMU lived up to your expectations?
Academically and socially, ENMU has exceeded my expectations and I do not regret coming here.

What advice would you give to a first time freshman when making a decision about college?
College will be your second home, so make sure the college choice is a choice that will make you happy and keep you busy.