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President's Ambassadors

The President's Ambassadors is a group of outstanding students who demonstrate a passion and love for ENMU. They represent Eastern to prospective students, their families and the community at large in on- and off-campus events such as Green and Silver Preview Day, campus tours, high school visits and the ENMU Homecoming Parade. They also assist Enrollment Services with day-to-day operations which include general office tasks and recruiting-related duties.

The goal of the President's Ambassadors is to accurately inform prospective students and parents about ENMU's mission and philosophy, academic programs, faculty and students, physical facilities, social opportunities, developmental programs, and student services. They personalize Eastern by demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest and helpfulness to help campus visitors feel welcome, comfortable and positive about their ENMU interaction.

By sharing their personal experiences, the President's Ambassadors also provide a student's perspective to help new students ease into life at ENMU.


Ryan Pecotte, Farmington, New Mexico

Biology with emphasis in Pre-Medicine, Theatre minor

I chose to attend ENMU because I could continue to play baseball while getting my education to one day become a doctor. I love the small school and small-town vibes here. I'm not a city boy by any means, so it is nice being out here.


Hannah Shelter, Hagerman, New Mexico

Business Administration, Accounting minor

Know where your classes are before the first day. Walk around campus and get used to where things are, or how long it will take you. Have enough time during the day to take a break and eat or just sit and relax. College is a stressful time, and you need time to relax before your next class starts.


Chloe Rae Hammock, Las Cruces, New Mexico


The people! The theatre program! The campus! I was definitely drawn to how small it is and how everyone seemed to be so kind. You also can't beat the price. The Theatre lobby is my favorite place to hang out. But I also enjoy the library and the little cafe inside the Education building because they're quiet for studying. Oh, and I love the Science building for no reason whatsoever, besides the fact that the inside is really cool.


Elaina Nolan, Roswell, New Mexico

Elementary Education

Get involved! It doesn't matter how you do this, but getting involved in something will make it easier to make friends. There are a ton of ways to get involved and always a lot of activity on campus and around the community.


Patrick Dolce, Moriarity, New Mexico

Civil Engineering/Architecture

Eastern offered me the best learning environment, with the cheapest in-state university tuition rate. My parents graduated from here, and I’ve found the University as a whole works with me on a very personal level to help me with any problems I run into. My favorite place to go to on campus would be any of the many Christian campus houses/building, e.g. Spectrum, T.M. Newman Center, the Baptist Student Union building, etc.


Toni Sproule, Raton, New Mexico


The main reason I came to ENMU was because of the friendly atmosphere and the small class sizes. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back. Yes, you are here for an education, but also experience all that ENMU has to offer, all of the clubs, sporting events, comedians, magicians, etc. Have just enough fun to make memories to last a lifetime, but also stay focused on earning your degree.


Lake Baker, Estancia, New Mexico

Communications with emphasis in Public Relations

The main reason I chose to come to ENMU was the communications program along with its smaller size. The smaller size of the school allows students to have more hands-on experience in their professional fields than students at a larger university. The best thing about Eastern is that the staff and faculty’s main goal is to help every student succeed. Eastern is all about helping students achieve academic, financial and professional success. Here, it’s not just about getting a degree: it’s about preparing you for your future.


Isabelle Sackett, Cheyenne, Wyoming

English and Family and Consumer Sciences with emphasis in Culinary Arts

My favorite thing about Eastern are the teachers, definitely. They push me to work hard in my classes now, and challenge me to dream big and excel in the future. My favorite place on campus is outside in the green grassy circle. I can hear the fountain bubbling with water; I love the contrasting colors of the green grass and trees next to the red brick of the buildings and the deep, pure blue of the skies above with puffy white clouds.


James Idsinga, Portales, New Mexico

Social Work

To me, the best thing about Eastern is the friendly nature of the campus. First of all, I've found some great friendships within the student body. Also, my class instructors are often kind, personal and willing to help. To top it all off though, our University president is known for walking up to students and initiating conversation just so that he may get to know them. I feel the neighborly atmosphere present here at ENMU makes for a rather pleasant experience.


Mariah Zerr, Los Lunas, New Mexico

Criminal Justice and Psychology

The people make the campus! Everyone here is beyond friendly and always willing to help. Watch those sneaky class rotations, though; some classes are only offered one semester every other year. If you miss one, ENMU does their best to keep you on track to graduate, but keep on top of when your classes are offered.


Gabby Espinoza, Portales, New Mexico


I chose to come to ENMU for the small class sizes. Also because the professors try to help me succeed in any way they can. They clearly care about me not only as a student, but as a person and they are always there to me help when I need it.


Dominique Zamora, Raton, New Mexico

Biology with emphasis in Pre-Medicine

I chose ENMU because of the affordability and small class sizes. The one-on-one interaction with staff as well as classmates makes a helpful, more effective learning environment. Get involved, meet new people and make memories!


Naeemah Reese, Roswell, New Mexico

Elementary Education/Special Education

I came to ENMU because of the diversity around campus and because class sizes are smaller; this is a huge advantage because it is easier to build a relationship with the professors. They get to know you and are so willing to help. I also chose ENMU because I believe the University has one of the best education programs in the state.


Jacob Mendoza, Clovis, New Mexico

Business Administration with emphasis in Management

The main reason I chose to come to ENMU is the campus. The campus has so much to offer and I know I am going to be getting the best education for me. The thing I like most about ENMU is the small-campus feel. I have the chance to get quality one-on-one time with my professors and am able to reach them easily.


Anne Harding, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Business Administration

I came to ENMU to experience living in a small town and to move away from my home city, Albuquerque, without having to travel too far. I was also very impressed by how friendly people are here and the in-state tuition was in my price range; Eastern is a very affordable school. I would give an incoming student the advice to be friendly and open to new experiences, because you will make wonderful friends and memories at Eastern.


Justin Banister, Clovis, New Mexico

Business Major with emphasis in Marketing, Spanish minor

I chose to come to ENMU because it was so close to home for me and the price was reasonable. I love my family, and being able to see them whenever I want has been a huge blessing for me. I'm far enough away to enjoy the freedom of the college life, but I'm close enough to visit whenever I have free time. I love it! My advice to college students is don't sweat the small things. Make sure you do your school work and take care of other top priority things first, but don't forget to enjoy yourself too. These are your last years of schooling forever and then you have to work for the rest of your life. Make college fun and memorable. Stay on top of your coursework but don't forget to slow down and realize what you have, because you won't be in college forever and the real world waits for no one.


Hank Delgado, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Political Science and History

The reason I chose ENMU was because it was close to home, but far away to get independence. I also I really liked how small the class sizes were. My professors are great; their credibility might be the reason to listen to their advice, but at the same time, they are personable, making it easy to approach them to talk to them about anything. Choose a school that fits your needs because everyone's college experience is different, and it is up to you to decide what you want as a part of your college experience.