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Inclement Weather Closing Policy and Procedure

The decision on whether to close the University will be based on the condition of the campus streets and parking lots and the surrounding main arteries. Each year, the University’s inclement weather policy and procedure will be communicated to the entire University.

Tornado and Severe Weather Information

Weather closing information will be made available in the following ways.

Please do not call the ENMU Police Department for weather closing information because this has the potential to tie up emergency management resources.

  • ENMU Resources
    • ENMU Information line: 562.INFO (4636)
    • University Operator: 562.1011
    • Weather line: 562.4395
    • Broadcast mail message
    • Broadcast voice message
  • Radio Stations Broadcasts
    • KCLV (99.1 FM)
    • KENW-FM (89.5 FM)
    • KICA/KKYC (98.3 FM, 102.3 FM)
    • KSEL/KSMX (95.3 FM, 107.5 FM)
    • KWKA/KTQM (680 AM, 99.9 FM)
    • KIXN/KYKK/KZOR and KPER (in Hobbs)
  • TV stations
    • KAMR-TV (Amarillo)
    • KBIM-TV (Roswell)
    • KENW-TV (Portales)
    • KFDA-TV (Amarillo)
    • KOAT-TV (Albuquerque)
    • KOB-TV (Albuquerque)
    • KOBR-TV (Roswell)
    • KRQE-TV (Albuquerque)
    • KVII-TV (Amarillo, TX)
  • Cannon Air Force Base Information


Inclement Weather Closing Policy

  • When ENMU opens late, the opening time will coincide with the class and/or exam schedules.
  • In addition, to reduce possible confusion, a precise opening time, such as 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. will be announced instead of a statement such as ENMU will open two hours late.
  • Any employee may charge an absence to annual leave or other available balance without advance supervisory approval if weather conditions make the commute to work too hazardous even though the University is still open.
  • “Essential employees” refer to those employees required to work during emergency closings because their positions have been designated as essential to specific operations. “Essential employees” include physical plant workers, ENMU Police Department, CUB employees, food services, and health services employees. Supervisors may identify others.
  • Support staff required to work during University closing normally receive compensatory time off with pay equal to one-half (1 ½) times the actual time worked, or overtime consistent with University policy.
  • On inclement weather days when ENMU remains open while other institutions are closing or opening late, no external announcement will be made. However, internal announcements will be made.
  • During the day, the decision to shorten the workday with an early closing or cancellations of evening classes will normally be made by 2 p.m.
  • Regarding closings or late openings, every attempt will be made to have the decision made and announced by 6 a.m.


Faculty considerations

  • Academic deans and departmental chairs will ask faculty to discuss the university’s inclement weather policy with their classes and make known their own expectations and plans of actions, including review of how students will be informed of weather-related classroom decisions such as via email or posting notes on classroom doors.
  • When the weather is bad but the University remains open, some students may be unable to get to class because of the treacherous conditions. Faculty might want to take this into consideration.
  • Academic departments should make every effort to inform students when an individual faculty member is unable to make it to campus because of inclement weather.
  • Departments should establish procedures for letting students know when classes are cancelled.


Outside Groups/Renters

  • On days of early closings, external groups sponsoring events complete those events at their own risk.
  • On occasion, the University staff may not be available to open and close a facility. If this situation occurs, the external groups will be notified and the event must be cancelled or re-scheduled.