Nontraditional Students

A nontraditional student is any undergraduate student who:

  • is a parent of independent children,
  • is married,
  • is a veteran, or
  • is three or more years older than his or her classmates (for example a 21-year-old freshman or a 24-year-old senior)

A highly diverse group of students are identified as nontraditional by ENMU, not as a label, but to provide a way for the University to recognize and offer extra assistance to students who may experience more than the average difficulty in earning a college degree.

Upcoming Changes

ENMU is becoming Yellow Ribbon Program Friendly.


  • Rejuvenate the nontraditional population
  • Educate professors about nontraditional student populations on campus
  • Provide better education and support services
  • Create a better connection with Student Senate so nontraditional has a bigger voice
  • Connect with other nontraditional student associations
  • Maintain database of community resources for nontraditional students

More Information

Our office is in The Alley, in the basement of the Campus Union Building. For more information, please call us at 575.562.2434 or email