An important factor in determining whether you will be successful with your education is the support and structure of your family and friends. If that structure is strong and you develop the self-discipline to manage your time, then your education will be a success. Eastern New Mexico University will be a haven for you while you make your transition from home to college life. The office of Native American Affairs can help you maintain your cultural identity as you become accustomed to a non-Native American environment. Our office will also guide you as you work towards your degree plan.


Information on abundant resource of available scholarship based upon Tribal Affiliation, Major, Area of study, and a booklet of scholarships on campus

Financial Aid Assistance

We help with processing the paperwork to get you started or point you in the correct location for further assistance.


Assistance with campus housing as well as off campus housing.


Assist you with a class schedule fit for you.

Job Posting

We send emails of job postings on campus to help you locate a job.

Health Information

Informing you on Indian Health care services, health providers in the area, and surrounding region.


Events are held each semester to bring our cultural aspects to the community and University. Your participation, ideas, points of view, and services are always appreciated.


The Native American Affairs office works closely as an entity of Multicultural Affairs to create an environment which is friendly and welcoming to all students, faculty, staff, and community at ENMU. Working together and attending events put on by the other offices gives everyone the opportunity to learn and explore a large diversity of cultures that are represented on campus.