African-American Affairs

The Office of African-American Affairs welcome all students, both new and returning, to Eastern New Mexico University and Multicultural Affairs.

The Office of African-American Affairs is a student-run organization that assists African-American students in their educational advancement at ENMU. Our office offers numerous services to our students:

  • Financial aid and administration assistance: Help filling out the long and tedious Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Scholarship information: Email with information about current scholarships offered at ENMU and by major corporations, as well as a scholarship booklet for students
  • Counseling: open-door policy for problem solving, professor conflicts, and homesick students
  • Tutoring services: help with finding a tutor at the Student Success Center located in the Alley (lower level CUB)
  • Housing assistance: help with on-campus and off-campus housing
  • Scheduling assistance: help with filling out your schedule
  • Job information: emails with job postings on and off campus
  • Cultural events: fall, spring, and Black History Month

Lean on us
We are here to make you feel comfortable, provide cultural information to the University at large, and provide a place where African-American students feel welcomed and at home. Your success as a student at ENMU depends greatly on the support of your family and friends. Let African-American Affairs be your home away from home! We can help make the transition to college life easier. We are students as well so we know how it feels to be new on campus. African-American students' educational success and well-being are our top concerns and priorities. Throughout the year, we hold programs and events to enhance your experiences at Eastern.

Although the Office of African-American Affairs has its own student workers, volunteers are always welcomed. If you want to get involved in a student organization but don't know where to start, there is no better place than the Office of African-American Affairs. You can meet and socialize with student of your own culture while promoting it. You don't have to be African-American to volunteer in our office. We welcome all races and cultures wanting to help. Don't forget we are here to promote cultural diversity!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

African-American Affairs
Student Success Center (The Alley, lower level CUB)
ENMU Station 38


Diana Cordova
Multicultural Affairs Director
Student Success Center (The Alley, lower level CUB)
ENMU Station 38
Phone: 575.562.4914
Fax: 575.562.4918