Student Leadership

A component of the Office of Student Activities and Organizations, the Student Leadership Office was created to give students an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The Student Leadership Office offers a variety of leadership training and support for ENMU students and registered student organizations. The Student Leadership Office's services include the following:

Leadership on Campus Lecture Series

This is a series of leadership lectures hosted by the Student Leadership Office. Speakers include nationally recognized personalities as well as ENMU faculty and staff. The Leadership on Campus Lecture Series has received acclaim from numerous students who walk away from the programs with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

President's Student Advisory Council (PSAC)

The Student Leadership Office also organizes the President's Student Advisory Council or PSAC. PSAC is a monthly meeting among the president of the University and registered student organizations. The meetings provide a forum for the president to discuss any current issues with the students and receive valuable feedback. PSAC is a great opportunity for student organizations to have a voice on campus and promote their organizations.

Leadership Support to Student Organizations

In addition, the Student Leadership Office is available to provide support to registered student organizations. You can set up personal consultations to ask for help, discuss leadership hints and brainstorm new ideas.

For more information, contact:

Student Organizations Office
Phone: 575.562.2768
Campus Union, Room 105