Nursing Research Tip Sheet

All library resources are available from off campus. Go to library home page to begin your research. If you have any questions or problems, ask for help! Contact Michele Wood ( by email (best), or by phone at 575.562.2644.  

CINAHL is the primary database for nursing research, however, several other databases, discussed below, can also be helpful for locating journal articles.

  • Go to the library home page and click the Databases link
  • Click the C at Databases by Name (1st alphabetical list in the upper right) and then the CINAHL database link
  • Enter your ENMU student ID number at the remote authentication screen
  • Type your search term in the first search box on the left
  • You may add a specific journal title in the second box; if you do, change the default index (Select a Field) to SO Publication Name at the drop-down arrow, directly across from the second search box
  • You may add some of the Limits below if desired or required for your assignment:
    • Scroll down to Published Date From boxes, on the right, and limit your search to a date range--e.g., 2010-2015
    • Check the Peer-Reviewed* box, on the right
    • You can also select Case Studies, Code of Ethics (or other choices) at the Publication Type box
    • Check the Evidence-Based Practice box, on the right, or select Evidence-Based Care Sheets at the Publication Type box
    • Select Nursing Education, Pain and Pain Management (or other choices) at the Special Interest box, on the right
    • Check the Research Article box, on the left side of the screen
  • Scroll up and click the Search button to view results
  • Click any PDF (best) or HTML links for full-text articles (articles can be printed, downloaded or emailed)
    • To cite articles, click the "Detailed Record" link, in the upper left, and then the orange Cite link on the right; select APA style and copy and paste citation into your paper (double-check the citation to make sure it is all correct--in some cases, all words in the article title are capitalized and they shouldn't be!)
  • If the full text is not available for a desired article, just place an ILL request for it and we will send it to you (see Requesting Material, below)

*What is a peer-reviewed journal?
Here is an online APA Formatting & Style Guide for help in formatting your paper or checking a citation

Science Direct database can be helpful if your topic involves a medical or physiological component.

  • Click the S at Databases by Name (1st alphabetical list in the upper right) and then the Science Direct link
  • Type your search term in the All Fields box on the top left
  • Click the Search button
  • On the left-hand sidebar:
    • Limit by year by checking the appropriate year boxes
    • Limit to Journals by checking the Journals box (all articles in Science Direct are scholarly and peer-reviewed)
    • When done limiting, click the Apply Filters button
  • Full-text articles are denoted by green or orange square icons to the right of the citation line; click the PDF file link (you may print, download or email articles); if the square is grey, you will not see a full-text link--do NOT purchase articles, place an ILL request, instead

To search for books or DVDs:

  • Go to the library home page and enter your keyword, title or author in the main search box; click the Search button
  • On the left-hand sidebar, limit your search to books or videos
  • When you locate a suitable book or DVD, print or record the citation information, request the item and we will send it to you

Additional information sources for specific assignments:

  • To examine the health care systems in the USA and other countries, go to the following government sites:
    World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Click on the country name and then click the Country Health Profile and National Health Accounts links
  • CIA World Factbook
    • Click "Select a Country" and do so
    • Click the "People and Society" link
  • For in-depth information on the US healthcare system, use the CQ Researcher database
    • Type 'US healthcare system" as your search term and then click applicable files for helpful information
    • Also use the CINAHL database--for example, type "Italian healthcare system" into the search box and limit dates from 2010-2015 (one search per country name)
  • For the assignment about healthcare policy and political parties, select three from this group: democrats, republicans, libertarians, greens, tea party (the more established the party, the more info there will be)
    • Go to the Academic Search Complete database
    • Type "US republican party and medicare" in the search box, for example, and repeat for each party; also type "US democratic party and healthcare policy" in the search box, for example, and repeat for each party

Requesting Library Material via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
To request a non-full-text article, book or DVD, go to the library home page and click the Interlibrary Loan link.

  • Click the ILLiad Log In/Registration link
  • Click the First Time User button and fill out the ILLiad registration form
  • Enter your ENMU email address
  • Select Distance Ed Undergraduate/Distance Ed Graduate Student in the Status box, so we'll know to send material directly to you
  • Enter an ILLiad username of your choice (make it short and simple) and enter your ENMU student ID # as your ILLiad password

Upon registering, you will be taken to the ILLiad main menu for your account. Click the Request Article button (for journal articles) or the Request Book button (for books and DVDs), located on the left-hand sidebar, and complete the form with your citation information. Thereafter, anytime you wish to use the system, return to the same ILLiad Log In/Registration link and log in with your ILLiad username and password.

If you have placed a request, you will be notified via your ENMU email account when your item is available. All articles will be delivered electronically to your ENMU email account. Books and DVDs will be mailed directly to you.