Effective University Instruction Research Grants (EUIRG) Guidelines

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) encourages faculty to conduct research on teaching innovations or effective teaching/learning strategies by offering research grants of $500–$4,000. These are available to university faculty in any discipline within New Mexico. Grant funding is contingent on annual allocation from the New Mexico State Legislature.

Preference is given to:
1) inter-institutional collaboration within New Mexico
2) inter-departmental collaboration within an institution.

An original and one copy of the proposal must be received by March 1 of each year to be considered for funding for the following academic year in the Center for Teaching Excellence:

Center for Teaching Excellence
1500 S Ave K
ENMU Station 25
Portales, NM 88130
fax 575.562.2546

If proposal is faxed or emailed, the original and copy must follow by mail. Include clearance from Human Subjects Committee, if needed. Please include a copy of vita for each investigator highlighting related work. For further assistance, call Elwyn Hulett or Loretta Bridwell at 575.562.2266.

Please type the proposal. The proposal can be a total of seven pages in length. The abstract should not exceed 200 words. Remember that the committee reading the proposal may not have expertise in your field, so be sure to make yourself understood.

Recipients will be notified by late spring, and funds will be available for the following academic year. The grant operates through reimbursement to the university. The grant recipient will submit a completed reimbursement form to the university business office. The business office will attach to the reimbursement form 1) a copy of checks, 2) invoices, and 3) purchase orders which were issued for the expenses and forward to the CTE. Reimbursements will be exempt from any university surcharges.

Selection criteria

  • Potential contribution to the research in higher education concerning teaching excellence
  • Generalizability: applicability to other teaching/learning situations
  • Networking: Collegial planning, meeting, sharing, and/or other involvement with other faculty across New Mexico universities; plans to disseminate results
  • Effective use of funds; consistency between proposal and budget
  • Clarity of proposal descriptions (clarity in objectives, research methodology, assessment strategies, and budget); fit with guidelines

Other criteria:

  • Need; availability of alternative funds
  • Distribution across New Mexico university campuses and across disciplines.

A final report of the project will be required by May 31 of the operating year of the grant.