Student Assessment Hold

We believe that the best way to determine our effectiveness in providing students with general liberal education knowledge and skills is to require all students who have completed at least 55 credit hours, but no more than 75 credit hours at the end of the fall semester to take a General Education test.

University records at the end of the fall semester are used to determine which students have completed between 55 and 75 credit hours inclusively.

If a student did not participate in the general education test (initial testing or makeup testing) as required, their ability to register for future semesters at ENMU has been electronically blocked. Once a student has participated in the general education testing session, his or her registration privileges will be reinstated.

Students are a very important part of Eastern’s efforts to improve our students' learning experience. We appreciate that students' time is valuable, and it is not our intention to unnecessarily distract them from their other commitments. However, the University strongly believes it is essential to assess student learning. We appreciate students taking the time to help us ensure that we are doing the best job possible.

Process for removing a hold:

  • A hold is permanently removed once the student has completed a General Education test administered through the Assessment Resource Office.
  • After all makeup test dates pass, a hold can be temporarily removed for one semester after the student has made an appointment with the vice president for student affairs and returned the completed Assessment Testing Hold Temporary Release to the Assessment Resource Office.