What is Assessment?

Eastern New Mexico University is committed to providing students with a rich educational experience. We are totally centered on student learning and student development.

We want to be able to demonstrate that we are making a difference in your lives. Assessment is the process of measuring how well student learning is progressing at ENMU.

To demonstrate that ENMU creates change and growth for you, we have devised a number of strategies to assess or measure your progress through your academic career. Because it is so vitally important for you, your parents, prospective employers and the community at large to see the extent of your progress, we encourage you to participate in assessment activities by Eastern New Mexico University.

Assessment measures give ENMU two kinds of information.

  • They let us us demonstrate how good an ENMU education really is.
  • They help us to identify areas of improvement, so we can constantly improve student learning at ENMU.

At Eastern New Mexico University, we test, survey and listen to students to help us improve all that we do for you.

How Can Assessment Help You?

Thanks to assessment results:

  • Faculty teach you more effectively
  • Student learning objectives are clearly stated and advanced
  • You get better advising during your Freshman Experience
  • The library provides better service to you.
  • The level of technology has grown to provide you with the latest technological advantages

According to a common survey given at all New Mexico four–year public institutions, ENMU ranks #1 in the following areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Student services
  • Overall satisfaction

The purpose of assessment is to help ENMU improve our teaching and services which contribute to your total college experience.

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