General Education

Who takes it?
All general degree requirements hold the requirement that all students complete "institutional general education assessment." [Page 32 of 2005–2007 Undergraduate Catalog]

When is it administered?
Spring semester during Assessment Day when all classes are canceled to allow full participation by students

How long does it take for the student to complete the instrument?
2 ½ hours

What type of information is sought?
The assessment collects information about the skills in the liberal arts-based general education curriculum. General areas of testing are writing, reading, mathematics, critical thinking within the areas of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

What office administers it?
Assessment Resource Office and Testing Services

Who originates the survey?

  1. Academic Profile test [APT] last given Spring 2005 is no longer available; new test under review;
  2. Eastern New Mexico University piloted the International Critical Thinking test with a mathematics component in Spring 2005.

When are results typically available?
Results are available for the individual student and the student’s advisor the fall semester following spring test administration. University reports are typically available at the same time.

To whom are the results regularly distributed?
Individual results are communicated to students via their academic advisor. University, college and discipline averages are sent to the University president, vice president for academic affairs, college deans, assessment committee and selected administrators. University aggregate analysis is distributed to the administration, faculty and staff in the DataWave.

From whom are the results available?
Assessment Resource Office

Are the results available by division or discipline?

Are the results comparable to data of other universities?
Yes, APT provides norms for the total scores.