Freshman Survey (BCSSE)

Who takes it?
Fall first-time students.

When is it administered?
First two weeks of fall semester in Freshman Seminar class.

How long does it take for the student to complete the instrument?
30 minutes.

What type of information is sought?
The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE, pronounced "bessie") measures entering first-year students' precollege academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their interest in and expectations for participating in educationally purposeful activities during college. It is designed as a companion to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

To better understand the influence of the institution on student performance, it is important to measure and control the educational engagement patterns students establish prior to enrolling. It is also important to understand the value students place on various aspects of student engagement common to the first year of college.

How is the information used?
The information is used only in the aggregate, providing complete confidentiality to the student.

What office administers it?
Class instructors administer the survey and return it to Assessment Resource Office.

Who originates the survey?
National Survey of Student Engagement
Center for Postsecondary Research
Indiana University Bloomington
1900 East Tenth Street
Eigenmann Hall Suite 419
Bloomington, IN 47406-7512
Phone: 812.856.5824
Fax: 812.856.5150

When are results typically available?
Two months from the test date.

From whom are the results available?
Assessment Resource Office, College of Business, Room 159.

Are the results available by division or discipline?

Are the results comparable to data of other universities?