New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Association

Through the support of the New Mexico Legislature, Commission on Higher Education, the administration at many New Mexico colleges and universities, and some hardworking individuals, several services have been made available on outcomes assessment. These include an annual conference, a newsletter, an electronic listserv, World Wide Web pages and networking opportunities. At the 1997 New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Conference, assessment directors from state-supported higher education institutions agreed that it was time to formally associate in order to promote outcomes assessment in New Mexico. They agreed to form the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Association.

Association Purposes:

  • To promote improvement in New Mexico higher education through outcomes assessment,
  • To increase communication, cooperation, and sharing of resources and ideas on outcomes assessment in higher education
  • To advance the efficiency of outcomes assessment in higher education in the State of New Mexico.

The New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Association annually presents a conference on assessment and retention. The 2004 conference was held on Feb. 26–27, 2004, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This started the second decade of such conferences in New Mexico. The first few were staged by people charged with coordination assessment efforts in their institutions. That group evolved into the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment Association, Inc., (NMHEAA) a New Mexico nonprofit corporation. As a result of efforts by the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education (CHE) in 1999, "retention" as added as a subject matter of the conference.

The NMHEAA has no paid employees. It is operated by officers and a board of directors elected each year at its annual meeting during the NMHEAR Conference. The annual conferences are planned and operated by a Conference Planning Committee that includes the officers of the NMHEAA and volunteers from various New Mexico institutions of higher education.

Beginning in its early years and continuing to this day, these conferences have featured not only presentation from people from New Mexico, but also special guest presenters who are among the most influential in the nation in the fields of assessment and retention.

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