Assessments at ENMU


Instrument Who Takes It Developed Internally (I) or Externally (E) Type Indirect (I) or Direct (D) Outcome Measure?
CIRP Freshman Survey All first-time freshman E Survey I
Eastern Learning Communities Participant Evaluation All freshmen in learning communities I Survey I
ETS Academic Profile Test (APT) All rising juniors E Nationally normed exam D
International Critical Thinking Test (ICAT) and Mathematics Applied Exam Sample of rising juniors I and E ICAT Standardized grading rubric on external exam format and local mathematics exam D
Senior Test in Major Varies by department Both I and E Exams, nationally normed and local D
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Sample of freshman and seniors E Survey I
Capstone Experience Varies by department I Performance assessment D
Classroom-Based Assessment Varies by department plans I Performance assessment D
Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) All graduating seniors I and E Survey I
Senior exit interviews Sample chosen by college deans I Interview I
Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Biannually to 1,000 randomly selected students, approximately 250 in each classification      
Adult Student Survey Students 25 years or older.   Survey I
HERI Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) Faculty and administrators E Survey I
Alumni Satisfaction Survey 1998 and 2000 to fourth-year alumni   Survey I
Faculty/Staff Campus Assessment Survey All faculty and staff   Survey I
Employer Survey     Survey I