Spirit of Eastern Policy

President's Spirit of Eastern Awards Program
Approved by the Board of Regents June 24, 1995

As a part of the process of attracting and maintaining capable personnel for the University, the Board of Regents authorizes the President of the University to implement an employee compensation bonus program known as the "President's Spirit of Eastern Awards." The program's purpose is for the public benefit, to improve mission focus, and to provide an incentive for quality performance.

Employees found to have performed in the most superior manner relative to the award's program criteria, will be given a compensation bonus. Employees who receive the award one year are ineligible to receive the award again for two additional years.

Annually, at the beginning of the academic year, employees will be advised of the selection process and the criteria which include elements of mission and institutional style that make Eastern New Mexico University's campuses unique including:

  • Support of ENMU's Teaching-Learning Mission
  • Campus Community Spirit (humane, tolerant, responsive, concerned with security and safety)
  • Hard Work
  • Care About the Institution
  • Whole Student Life Commitment
  • Demonstrated Track Record in Position (minimum of five years)

Each year the President will determine the number of awards to be made (not to exceed more than five percent of the total employees of all campuses). The amount of each award will be established each year by the president, but in no event will exceed $500 net for each award. Nominations will be accepted from any employee or student. Selection committees, appointed by the President, made up of administrators and prior award winners, will review nominees' performance relative to the above six elements of mission and style and will make recommendations to the president. Those nominees confirmed by the president will be recognized at a University event.