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Donna Kittrell, Kandace Kaiser, Phyllis SeefeldENMU Staff Hone People
Skills in Advanced Connections

by Colleen Wright
Communication Services

Eastern New Mexico University staff have been participating in Advanced Connections, a three-part on-campus workshop focusing on advanced service skills, teamwork, problem prevention, and many other topics designed to move Eastern to a higher level of service excellence.

Advanced Connections, designed by Noel-Levitz, will continue to run throughout the year for administrators and professional and support staff. Some professors are helping by facilitating sessions, along with administrators and staff. [more]

Former NFL Player Settles in Rio Rancho
by Gary Herron
Rio Rancho Observer Sports Editor

Conrad Hamilton

Conrad Hamilton's football odyssey, which began in Alamogordo, proceeded to Roswell and then Portales, and took him to the pinnacle--the National Football League--has ended.

The 27-year-old six-year NFL veteran and his wife, Leah, are having a home built in Rio Rancho, where he hopes to coach and be a personal trainer in the near future. [more]

Heritage of Top-Quality Associate Deans Continues at ENMU-Roswell

by Donna Gutierrez

Dusty HeritageDusty Heritage is the new associate dean of Career and Technical Education (CTE) on the ENMU-Roswell campus. Dr. Dwight Rogers, dean of Instruction, made the announcement following a nationwide search to fill the position. Heritage is currently the recruiter for the CTE Division at ENMU-Roswell. She will begin her new position on July 15.

Heritage received a bachelor's degree in agriculture with a minor in marketing from New Mexico State University in 1996. She received a master of arts degree with an emphasis in agriculture and extension education from NMSU in 1998. She is currently enrolled in an Education Administration/Community College Leadership doctoral program through NMSU, which she expects to complete in May of 2004. [more]

ENMU Receives Talent Search Funds

U.S. Senator Pete Domenici has reported that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded five New Mexico institutions federal funding to host a Talent Search program that seeks to assist disadvantaged individuals in completing high school and continuing on to receive a postsecondary education.

Domenici indicated the funding was issued through the Department of Education's (DoED) TRIO program and is designed to encourage students to complete their high school education. It also has a component to help drop-outs reenter the system to complete their education. [more]

New Mexico Business Journal Publishes Article on ENMU Web Site
by Andrew Webb
New Mexico Business Journal

How do you sum up the process of rebuilding a university Web site that
hasn't been overhauled or pruned since it was created in 1995?

Jennifer Poyer, Webmaster for Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), can
do it in one word. [more]

Candid Camera

Donna Gutierrez

Strange Happenings at ENMU-Roswell Prove Pie=MuCho $$ Squared Theory

In this stunning set of undercover photos, an investigative photographer hired by the Monday Memo recently captured strange happenings at ENMU-Roswell. In shades of 1947, small flying disks were spotted crash-landing on campus – some even striking people's faces (or was this just a clever cover-up for their alien appearance?). Ostensibly, the official cover (coverup?) story was that the flying saucers (described by some as "big as plates!") were part of a $1-per-pie-throwing fund-raiser sponsored by residence hall students. The story is that staff members (aliens?) volunteered to be targets for restless students who hadn't been able to afford Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. Besides the official cover story, many other unsubstantiated rumors have been flying around faster than a UFO looking for intelligent life on a South Padre beach. A few of the more believable include: the activity was actually a cosmetology workshop in cleansing and massaging facial pores; students unhappy with the cancellation of "Roswell" from the WB network were trying to get the attention of CBS executives to pick it up as a reality-based series; the flying disks were actually pies being used in a new intramural sport, with the winners challenging Ruidoso and Portales to an all-campus pie-throwing championship (in a related matter, psychologists claim that this activity can be very cathartic for students–though not necessarily for staff); the ENMU-Portales football staff scouted the activity for future quarterbacks; and that spies from Furr’s Cafeteria spirited a few of the disks away to study their ingredient (rumored to be HyTop whipped cream) for a possible new low-budget, all-you-can-eat pie-line. Of course, these are just a few of the more believable rumors; the Monday Memo cannot report the ridiculous ones for fear of losing credibility. Nevertheless, our undercover agent reports that the strange occurrence is most likely exactly what it appears – much improved flying disks returning to retrieve the 1947 debris for a museum in a faraway galaxy with a technology so advanced that it was able to fly all the way to Earth – but not so advanced in 1947 that it couldn’t keep from crashing once it got here in crafts cleverly disguised as U.S. military top-secret hot-air balloons. The materials in the new disks are reportedly even more cleverly disguised, and much tastier, than the old disks – though conspirators have apparently consumed much of the evidence. The Monday Memo will keep you posted as more information becomes available from our undercover source – though it was hard to understand her (or his) last phone call because the agent was apparently performing a taste-bud investigation of the evidence. Conspirators captured in the above images, taken with a tiny spy camera concealed in the swoosh of the ENMU-Roswell logo on an innocent-looking name badge, are: (top to bottom) Jessie Hall, Financial Aid director; Linda Green, director of Special Services; and Bob Bowman, dean of Student Services.

(although it is the policy of the Monday Memo to give photo credit, please do not read the credit below so that our undercover photographer/agent can remain incognito)

(undercover photos by Donna Gutierrez)

Donna Gutierrez

Farewell to Claudia – A farewell for Claudia Crowell, executive director of Institutional Advancement, was recently held in the Office of Development. Pictured are (L-R): student Jessica Harwell; Lisa Obenhaus, office coordinator; Ms. Crowell; Noelle Bartl, director of Development; and student Ayanna Arnold.

(photo by Wendel Sloan)

Personnel Briefs

Dr. Robert Long represented ENMU in a planning meeting for the New Mexico "Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research" (EPSCoR) efforts in Nanotechnology at UNM on Jun 19. EPSCoR is a program by major US grant agencies (NSF, NIH, DOE, DOD, etc.) to provide additional funding opportunities to states which have traditionally received smaller allocations of research grant funding. New Mexico was just designated an EPSCoR state last year. ENMU is participating in the Natural Resources and Nanotechnology state-wide NSF EPSCoR focus groups.

Dr. Robert Long (ENMU, Chemistry) and Dr. Plamen Atanassov (UNM, Chemical Engineering) gave a joint presentation to a panel of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) scientists at a NM EPSCoR program review meeting in Albuquerque on Jun 20. The presentation was titled "Integrating Polymer Materials with micro-Fuel Cell Engineering at the Nano Scale".

Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy has had a paper accepted for publication in the Korean Journal of Thinking and Problem Solving. It will appear in the October issue.

Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy and Effie Laman, graduate of ENMU, now at Texas Tech pursuing her doctorate, have had a paper accepted for presentation at the Ninth International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning in Beijing, China July 16-20. They presented their paper via the World Wide Web and responded to questions via the Internet and e-mail.