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ENMU Visiting Professor to Present Series on Darwin and Evolution
by Wendel Sloan
News Services Director

Dr. Jonathan Smith, who holds the Jack Williamson Visiting Endowed Chair in Science and the Humanities at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, is conducting an on-going colloquium on “Darwin and Darwinism Today: Contexts and Controversies.”

Smith, associate professor of English in the Humanities Department at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, will give the first presentation on "Charles Darwin, Natural Selection, and Victorian Culture" at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb 6, in Buchanan Hall in the Music Building. This first session will focus on the personal and historical contexts of Darwin's work. Smith will talk about who Darwin was as a person, how he developed his theory of evolution, why it took him so long to publish his ideas, and how his theory was received.

Good Recruiting Season Often Equals Good Football Season

by Shane Brown
News Services

Eastern New Mexico University’s Greyhound football team is undoubtedly one of the most successful teams on campus. With a 28-14 record over the past four seasons and two Lone Star Conference South Co-Championships, Greyhound football deserves the title “A Great Program”.

The success of the program comes from the coaching staff and the players they recruit.
ENMU competes with several schools for top-notch recruits, especially with Lone Star Conference opponents West Texas A&M, Abilene Christian University and Tarleton State, as well as NCAA-I schools.

“We go head to head with conference rivals, and we don’t want to lose,” Coach Mark Ribaudo said. Ribaudo, defensive coordinator, compares recruiting to a football game--it’s very intense and you hate to lose. [more]

Personnel Briefs

Michael F. Shaughnessy and Dr. Arnold A. Lazarus of Rutgers University have a collaborative effort to be published in June of this year in the North American Journal of Psychology.

W. Douglas Mills has had an article published in the winter 2001 volume of Quarterly Review, a journal of theological reflection. The article, titled "Methodists, Evolution, and Science: 1840-1925," evaluated the reaction of one church group to the advances of science.