Campus Union

The Campus Union of Eastern New Mexico University is dedicated to fostering a sense of community on campus. To focus activities and efforts toward this goal, the Campus Union accepts the basic philosophy as stated in the "Role Statement" of the Association of the College Union International.

  1. The Union is the community center of the university for all the members of the university, which includes the following; family, students, faculty, administration, alumni and guests. It is not just a building; it is also an organization and a program. Together they represent a well- considered plan for the community life of the university.
  2. As the "living room" or "hearthstone" of the university, the Campus Union provides services conveniences and amenities needed for the campus living.
  3. The Campus Union is part of the educational program of the university. It serves as a laboratory and development of citizenship, training students in social responsibility and leadership. Through various boards, committees and staff, it provides a cultural, social and recreational program which blends out of class experience with class study. The Campus Union goal is the development of persons as well as intellects.

To these ends, the staff of the Campus Union strives to serve its clientele to the best of its ability.

The Campus Union is under the direction of Vice President of Student Affairs and leadership of the President of Eastern New Mexico University. On a functional basis, the Campus Union is subject to the direction, supervision and approval of the vice president for Student Affairs. The day to day operations of the Campus Union is under the direction of the Campus Union and union staff.

Eastern New Mexico University is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in programs, activities or employment. Persons seeking additional information about the University’s nondiscrimination policy should contact the Executive director for Planning and Analysis:

ENMU Station 2
1500 S. Ave K
Portales, NM 88130