Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Health and Human Services
Station 3
Phone 2156
Fax 2380
Ms. Irene Barrow Lecturer of Communicative Disorders2156LH 205
Ms. Leslie Costa-Guerra Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Sharon Duran Recruiting/Retention Spec2378LH 114
Ms. Malinda Howard Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Dr. Suzanne Swift Professor of Communicative Disorders2724LH 225
Health and Physical Education
Station 17
Phone 2333
Fax 2822
Mr Gary Carter Director of Intramurals & Rec2297GA 14
Bradley Mauldin Chief2392PD
Mr Robert Armijo HPE Facility/Equip Maint Mgr2241GA 86
Mr Mike Barbee Head Track/Cross Country Coach2982GA 6C
Melinda Bendik Assistant Track and Cross Coun4492GA 6B
Beth Birky Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education2683GA 30
Dusko Bogdanov Assistant Professor of Physical Education4435
Mr Jeff Caha Asst. Women's Bsktball Coach4312GA 6
Mr Stott Carter Assist Men's Basketball Coach2685GA 27
Ms Yolanda Chavez Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Ms Amiee Constantopoulos PHPED Resource Faculty
Ms. Ginger Creighton Lecturer of Health and Physical Education2233GA
Dr. Mary Drabbs Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education4344GA 44A
Aisi Faiai Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Ms Lora Ferguson Assistant Athletic Trainer4174GA 17
Mr Thomas Goetz Ruidoso Resource Faculty
David Gomez Baseball Coach2889BFH 3
Stacy Hartsfield Admissions Specialist II2243SAS 160
Mr Andrew Helton Head Men's Basketball Coach2433GA 23
Marissa Hyde Web Content and Print Coord2133ADM 218
Ms Hilary Ishii Assistant Athletic Trainer4176GA 25
Mrs Rachel Johnson Coordinator of Compliance2971GA 1
Jodi Kibbe Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Mr Kelley Lee Assistant Football Coach2204GA 51B
Mrs Jane Liu Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Mr David Lynn Head Football Coach2238GA 5
Kaitlyn Maddams Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Robert Manning Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Mr Harold Munoz Head Men's Soccer Coach3907GA 13
Kristen Oroku-Werle HPED Dept Secretary4344GA 44
Mr Josh Prock Head Women's Basketball Coach-HPE Lecturer2233GA 6
Ms Strawberry Robinson Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Adam Rooks Assistant Athletic Trainer-HPE Lecturer4137
Ms Kristen Schmidt Women's Softball Coach4349SFH
Oliver Soukup Assistant Football Coach2204GA 5C
Ms Rosemarie Stallman Lecturer of Health and Physical Education2333GA 44
Andrew Stewart Interm Asst Baseball Coach2974BFH
Mr Larry Varnado JrAssistant Football Coach2882GA 3A
Dr Sarah Wall Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education2915GA 28
Health Services
Station 31
Phone 2321
Fax 2324
High Plains Writing Project
Phone 575.624.7001
Fax 575.624.7363
Station 19
Phone 2438
Fax 2142
Dr Suzanne Balch-Lindsay Professor of History2967BH 238
Dr. Donald Elder IIIProfessor of History2601BH 246
Dr Gerald Gies Professor of History2401BH 244
Dr Linda Gies Professor Emerita of History
Joe Gossman Lecturer of Religion
Ms Valerie McKito Assistant Professor of History2642BH 240
Dr. Dale Streeter Associate Professor of History2510BH 242
Station 39
Phone 2631/2632
Fax 4321
Mr. Steven Estock Director of Housing/Res.2632CUB 108
Ehren Hille Area Coordinator/Hall Director2632CU 108
Mr Andres Lucero JrSupport Service Technician II2632CU 108
Sarah Roesch Housing Data Clerk2632CU 108
HSI - STEM Grant
Station 57
Phone 2278
Ms Lori Brunsen Transfer&Outreach Specialisti2407COB 159
Ms. Laurie Jacoby Admin/Technical Support Assist
Mrs Robin May Lead Specialist2340COB 160
Human Resources
Station 21
Phone 2115
Fax 2547
Ms. Tammi Gardner Human Resources Director2115ADM 113
Colleen Boeder HR Recruiter/Trainer2116ADM 113
Ms Blanca Bustos Payroll Accountant II4327ADM 113
Janine Elder Human Resources Assistant2115ADM 113
Dean Garcia Manager-HR & Payroll Services2319ADM 113
Kayla Kirkwood Temp HR Recruiter/Trainer2116ADM 113
Station 19
Phone 2438
Fax 2142
Mr Gary Bassett Lecturer of Philosophy2438COB 176

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