Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS) Program
Station 11
Phone 4124
Fax 2168
Barnes and Noble Bookstore
Station 14
Phone 2718
Fax 2716
Station 33
Phone 2174
Fax 2192
Dr. Matthew Barlow Assistant Professor of Biology2543RH 201
Dr. Youngkoo Cho Professor of Biology4048RH 202
Dr. Kenwyn Cradock Associate Professor of Biology2078RH 310
Dr. Zach Jones Associate Professor of Biology2723RH 213
Dr. Zhiming Liu Professor of Biology2495RH 102
Dr. Marvin Lutnesky Professor of Biology2478RH 119
Ms. Rachael McCarty Instructor of Biology2397RH 225
Dr. Darren Pollock Professor of Biology2862RH 311
Dr. Manuel Varela Professor of Biology2464RH 101
Blackwater Draw
Station 53
Phone 2180
Fax 2291
Mr. George Crawford Blackwater Draw Director2910AA 125
Jenna Domeischel BWD Museum Curator2202
Broadcast Center
Station 52
Phone 2112
Fax 2590
Ms. Jenifer Baca Program Director2112BC
Mr Allan Crawford Producer/Director II2593Comm 187
Ms. Rena Garrett Development/Promotion Director/COMM Resource Faculty2112BC
Ms. Amie Griffith FM Developmnt Director2112BC
Mr. Orlando Ortega JrOperations Director III2112BC
Mr. Richard Rivera Producer/Director III2112BC
Mr. Duane Ryan Director Broadcasting2112BC
Mr. David Asplund Master Control Operator I2112BC
Mr. Kevin Bertram Master Control Operator I2112BC
Ms. Sheryl Borden Development Officer2112BC 138
Ms. Janet Bresenham Lecturer of Communication2675BC 146
Ms. Vickie Brisco Administrative Assistant2587BC 137B
Mr. Jeffrey Burmeister Dir of Broadcast Engineering2112BC 153
Mr. Rick Counts Broadcast Engineer-Studio2112BC 105
Mr. Don Criss TV Production Consultant2112BC
Mr. Porfirio Delgado Broadcast Engineer2382BC
Mr. Stephen Fields Controls Technician2511PP
Mr. Shannon Hearn FM Operations/Production Dir2112BC
Ms. Karen Leonhardt Accounting Generalist III2112BC
Mr. Sean Moore Master Control Operator III2112BC
Mr. Micky Morgan Engineering Assistant2663
Mr. Martin Quintero Engineer III2122BC
Mr. Justin Robertson Master Control Operator III2112BC
Ms. Linda Stefanovic Administrative Consultant TV2112BC
Ms. Suzanne West Department Secretary2112BC
Mr. James Zupancic Administrative Consultant TV2112BC
Business Affairs
Station 4
Phone 2611
Fax 2428
Mr. Scott Smart VP Business Affairs2611ADM 118
Business Office
Station 4
Phone 2611
Fax 2409
Ms. Joann Martinez Director Accounting, Student A2604ADM 118
Mr. Richard Bergeron Maintenance/Custodian
Ms. Minnie Bresler 2608ADM 207
Ms. Dorothy Bulls Executive Secretary II2611ADM 118
Jana Corder Accounts Payable Supervisor2608ADM 207
Ms. Laura Disney Accountant II2527ADM 205
Ms. Terri Doerr Accountant II2617ADM 205
Ms. Janine Elder Human Resources Assistant2115AD 113
Ms. Carol Fletcher Controller2611ADM 205
Mr. Kenny Prince Accountant II2493ADM 114
Mr. Daniel Saiz Accountant I - AP2888Admin 207
Ms. Andrea Vaughan Budget Analyst2179ADM 205

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